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  1. Ha ha ha. What the heck is that? The most useless fishing kayak I have ever seen.
  2. Anchoring in a strong tide is dodgy. He couldn't have followed the correct procedure for deploying his anchor. I assume he had an anchor trolley fitted. Hope he practices his re-entry drill , if you can't re- enter, you shouldn't be at sea in a kayak.
  3. I'm always late.... Looked up your kayak, ok for what it is. Depends on what you need it for, still waters and lakes will be fine. The sea is another thing altogether. My advice would be don't use it on the sea at all if possible. However, it it's just a bit of fun on a very calm day very close in, with no offshore wind, then it's up to you. You won't be able to go far at sea, much too hard to paddle, so don't try. The Bic foldable kayak has one huge advantage, it has a rigid hull. Keep safe and have fun.
  4. Avoid inflatable kayaks at all costs. However, I have seen another type of kayak recently on the net, a 'foldable' one. Looked ok, ideal for what you need. I'll see if I can find it. http://www.sea-urchin.co.uk/page21.htm There you go, just the job.
  5. Only way to avoid whiting is to fish in a pond....
  6. The best advice I can give you is DON'T buy an inflatable kayak for the sea. The reasons are too many to list.
  7. First thing is, are you going to fish in the early Spring or Autumn and Winter? If it's only Summer fishing, from June to October, a wetsuit will do, but otherwise you will need a surface watersports dry suit. Crewsaver or Gul are good choices, with front zip. Have a look here. http://www.wetsuitoutlet.co.uk/index.php?cPath=28_97_99
  8. Looking at moving to Dorset/Somerset in a year, possible around Sherbourne/Yeovil areas. Where would be the best places to sea kayak/fish from there? Taking into account parking, beach access etc. Any info would be great, cheers.
  9. Did a similar thing in the Summer. Went fishing with a new mate, he was just preparing to launch, with a hand from his friend, I half looked round to see if he was launched as I sat in the yak, and rolled straight over the other side into the drink with a big splash! Did I feel a pratt.
  10. I was in touch with this chap, and after I bid over a grand, I wanted to know the reserve, and he told me, £2500. The kayaks were used, and are £600 each new. There was other kit including fishfinders etc. The trailer was superb, and if he didn't sell the whole lot, I advised him to sell everything seperately, as the market for good angling kayaks was strong, and I would buy his trailer. Unfortunately, he didn't get in touch, so Iv'e had to buy another trailer for my 4 kayaks. I reckon the trailer was worth at leat £1500, and the kayaks and gear another £1800. So a £2500 reserve was about
  11. I never noticed that! A year old. You are right, so maybe not such a high price. I have to say I am very tempted, it's a matter of getting it past my 'manager' ! It must be such fun sailing a kayak, maybe if I drop a hint for a xmas present? After all, I'm just selling my trailer on e-bay, so I can buy a proper kayak trailer, now we have 4 kayaks. A kayak sail is.. well, essential!
  12. That's odd, they are £139.95 on their website for the small one! £120 direct including postage, but £110 on e-bay was the cheapest I could find incl pp. Just a bit on the pricey side for a round kite on a hoop.
  13. Yes! That was the one!! Just read on another forum that a 15lb cod was caught last night from Dungeness beach , photos with report. Another off folkestone pier. What is going on? It's August.
  14. Not really, but I lost an 8lb Cod last year, jumped out of the fish tray on the back of the kayak!
  15. Probably not, I buy cheap rods and reels on flea bay, good enough for the kayak, a handline catches anything for almost no cost, but it doesn't feel like fishing! Do you use rod leashes?
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