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  1. phil [Edited - John S. No personal attacks or petty namecalling please chaps....],you still cant see that they are not carp. i have tried showing you scientific facts but still you are right and im wrong. i have also told you i only ever had probs in summer and not with every fish and with river pike wich fight alot harder than stillwater fish due to their envoiriment,ie strong flows etc youll never learn cos you cant see past your own nose. matt well up for it mate let me know when ya can
  2. By general consensus, a gassed-up pike is one that, instead of swimming off underwater when returned after capture, swims just under the surface and attempts to dive. Sometimes it fails to dive and then starts to wallow on the surface. This may be so bad that the pike rolls over onto its back. At this stage it is clear that the pike is in trouble. There appear to be two types of 'gassing-up'; one in which the pike appears very obviously inflated, and a second where the pike is simply unable to maintain its equilibrium and remain upright. 'Gassed-up' pike are often associated with deep wate
  3. so teh latic acid build up in a pike through taking a little bit longer to land it isnt a problem? rude...really... sorry, your skills are better than mine,you are a god phil,dont worry about the pike getting a latic biuld up that might just kill it(something carp dont suffer from) you just carry on fella, keep trying to switch it round on me. you care so much you wont listen to scientific fact,if you care so much how coem you wont discuss teh latic acid biuld up phil...i yeah its because you havent a clue!
  4. let us know when you do get round to selling em mate i'll have some if they work well!
  5. looks very well made andy,i like spinnerbaits i dont always get takes on them but i get alot of follows,a good searching lure. got any for sale yet!?
  6. you still fail to see that pike are not carp phil,they are completly different fish! i never said i play them till they are kanckered i said i get them in quick and back in teh wtare even quicker,join the PAC mate you might learn something,you are really annoying me now and soon i will get rude and offensive so its best we leave it as it is.
  7. ts funny really......I dont have problems with tired pike when I put them back, but you claim to have problems with your 'heavy gear'........maybe theres a message for you there? one last thing....i fish a weirpool/river the pike i hook no matter what size go liek stink thast why i sometimes have to let them recover,i showed a young lad who was catching pike and explained what mark has said...he said thanks mate i didnt know that,in future i wil remeber that and be carefull with them,thats what i like to hear. end of.
  8. i havent got time to keep re-peating my self i have to go to work now,marks just said it all for me really. pike are not carp.....
  9. catch pike in teh summer while zander fishing,on 2.75 tc rods and 15lb mainline they still go bonkers but i get em in quicker unhook them even quicker and i still have to hold em to let them recover, OVERPLAYING,is my point,i dont want to argue with you,i just would like you to fish for them properly with eth correct tackle,you cant see this tho, matt and boozle are keen to learn more,i am reasonably experienced predator angler i could probably show them things they dont know better ways to handle pike unhook them etc....the difrence between them and you is they are not ignorant. t
  10. mark, brian, thats exactly what i was getting at you have put it across alot better than me... piking in summer in say scotland and up north where the weather is mostly cooler than the south isnt so much of a problem,i know that and i should have said such. i am a passion pike angler and the way i see it is if you are going to fish for them,then you should do so using what has become the standard tackle,or set up. its more for there saftey/welfare than our enjoyment.
  11. pull my neck in? jog on phil i can see others looking in,whats your view guys? come on its only a healthy debate
  12. you make me laugh, i said it in my previous post pike are not carp,they are alot more delicate,it doesnt take much at all to damage them,its not about damaging the rod its about overplaying the fish,something i have seen many many times with anglers and incorrect tackle,match boys bullying carp...hmmm probably why there mouths are always a mess? all i can say is i'm glad you dont fish the same waters as me.
  13. yes i do, i can imagine the balance of such a set up.. its not gobbing off its telling you a fact,besides summer piking with baits, really isnt good for the pike. boozle-no prob! give us a shout!
  14. why why why do you realise that pike would be completly exaushted by overplaying them gotta be teh stupidest thing i have heard, i catch pike in teh summer while zander fishing,on 2.75 tc rods and 15lb mainline they still go bonkers but i get em in quicker unhook them even quicker and i still have to hold em to let them recover, talking like you have you should be banned from pike fishing pike are NOT carp! BTW matt you still up for some pred fishing sometime this winter?
  15. mainly tiger nuts,few fish on hard boilies,crab specials from quest baits,baited up with hemp,all sizes of pellet,maize,and small amounts of tigers,and boilies. poisson chat(small ctafish with teeth!) are a right pain whittling baits down..not the tigers tho!
  16. i see he logged on the other day budgie,i have a number PM you it? meaning to send him my regards too
  17. cheers guys,i had a cracking time,lovely country,definetly be going back, big cats next!
  18. spot on,thast they way to play em!
  19. washed out boilies are a killer! especially on hard fished venues,i used air dried boilies in france to get around the poission chat and cuaght on them,but they werent that old.
  20. hi all, been off here for a bit,but i am back from my trip to etang de margo,in angers north west france, what a week,my first trip abroad at the age of 25(!),i went with 3 fen boys,we all caught several twenty pound fish each,and some other suprises in teh shape of a 45lb sturgeaon to my mate rob and he had two 20+ grass carp! i had 3 twentys,2 commons and a mirror to a new personal best of 25lb and a cracking 14+koi we was boating our rigs and baiting by boat,i didnt do too bad for a predator angler! enjoy the pics 25
  21. The licence system could be tiered so being relevant to all of anglings many areas.ie a predator licence would be required to fish for predators and only be obtainable after instruction in basic techniques and handling/unhooking skills. cracking idea,i for one would love to see it set up and enforced-i'd enforce it. RE- eels,yes they do rid themselves of single hooks i have seen it,also with regards to pike and to soem extent zander.i was discussing with another predator angler,he was saying on several occasions he has landed pike with another trace in there throats,he said the trebels
  22. ok,so maybe i should throw smaller lures more often,i got a good pair of polariods thanks for the tips
  23. oh yeah...doh! i use the phat rat,and hawg wobbler(best lure ever!) alot too,i have been told before that abu droppen spinners are good for chub,i do have a fly rod that is yet to be used (given to me by a workmate),i bought a few flies liek black gants and mayflys and a kool daddy long legs repilca talking about chub on lures over on p+p forum too,do you have to se them to catch them on lures?
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