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  1. Hi Elton, Didn't see a link to the original research, or at least one the common people have access to. Exeter University is not known for its expertise on the marine environment but hey what do i know. Chris
  2. Hard to make out what's the latter these days. Reads like number 1. then..
  3. Not sure how I explain the meaning of " veritable " to my son, and not sure why it would be a good thing to do so.. Suspect he will make up his own mind based on what he experiences. Doubt he will end up loving the quango garbage some wish to push as real though.
  4. Did not take too long for the Salmon farming industry to produce monster parasites that walk on two legs.
  5. Your not serious Leon? Abandon Science, Law and history for a backpackers take? Chris
  6. Aww Bambi, Seahorses, turtles, CuteCute , now we have Bernard the Gurnard
  7. Another parasite given loadsamoney to prey on young people (intended to say "market to" but it came out wrong), lobby for their qualifications to be a necessary requirement before anyone gets near a fish, drive cozy relationships and provide cheap semi trained staff to the big retail chains and marketing industries. Wonderful on every level somewhere no doubt. My local college runs a course on preparing for a career in the uniformed services. How fantastic is that! The young are being robbed blind by characters their olds will have seen time and time again. Just an opini
  8. Water is the most basic of "rights" throughout human history. A few greedy sods are working out how to turn it into a commodity to be traded internationally and further impoverish their friends and family as they "head for the high ground". Only a well paid clown would cede water to some well meaning body.
  9. Thanks for the link Elton. I'd take it further than the author though: From what I've seen they have been willing to participate in the destruction of scientific methodology for a "quick buck", or too sidestep any questioning of their deeply held religious philosophy. Elton, I've prob been a bit of a pain in the neck for you over the last few years but you have no idea how scary I found some of the output from the anti fishfarming reps and just how upside down the world was becoming when once respected scientific journals started publishing advertising instead of scienc
  10. Whats the Norwegian definition of a "Commercial" btw ?
  11. Had a few beers from hypothetical friends and family whatever the catch. Nice seeing the reactions when they taste fresh caught mackerel for the first time though;) Your way ahead of me on the "US"; never knew its laws were all the same and stupidly thought it was a huge continent with states and differences..
  12. Suppose I go out using my pitiful paddle power and catch a box of cod, get bored and its extreme low tide, so head back in and rack around some low tide lobster hot-spots, then split the spoils between friends and family? Am i commercial or hobby?
  13. If I set out on my kayak and set a couple of portable shellfish creels am I using "commercial" techniques?
  14. Dr Pauly is a "darling" of the media atm and has been for the last few years, just like Boris Worm and Prof Callum Roberts. As far as i know not one of them is a actually a fisheries scientist and all have been financed by PEW . Anyone else know anything different?
  15. The report or the fact that one of our "heavyweight" papers shows just how low its sunk. Aw Nemo
  16. Loads of change so why stare at at a light-bulb on the tip of a stationary rod when you can roam with a kayak?
  17. Stock up the reservoirs with prey and the predators will party on. Simple. Thats regardless of whatever those evil fishing families from ports like Arbroath do . Its your problem and not anyone elses. It has nought to do with fisheries legislation,the activities of the commercials, or what is or is not considered bad legislation in the marine environment. Have some of these "experts" no idea how many "feelings" a sea angler might experience if his rights might be removed because someone stocks a loch with easy targets and then gets upset because the predators move in
  18. Interesting article Leon. Thanks Thing is the conclusions boils down to I suspect more or less everyone who has paid any attention to fisheries knows full well that its a legal mess. It is a shame that those RSA putting all their effort into pushing Sea Anglers into that system don't seem to spare a moment or two to think about just what they are doing. No one knows what the future will bring and for certain theres plenty wrong atm. Yet to hear a convincing argument to drag Anglers into the mess though. Chris
  19. Mackerel and herring were identified, boxed up, and sold years ago, all in the name of "conservation". Shout all you want but they are now someone elses property now and you have no control over what they do with it . Current RSA thinking seems determined to hand over every fish stock into the same process. Can't say i see the attraction.
  20. Leon, do you really believe that a "great deal of land habitat" has actually been protected by all this legislation and also really believe the "aquatic environment" needs the same attention? I don't get it..
  21. Scotland had a 3 mile ban on trawling inside 3 miles for I guess half my lifetime. It was unenforceable at that time so was pointless. What has changed? Whats funny is that while there is locally now very little "towed gear" activity at all, the noisy politic stuff is all for spending ton's of dosh closing a door on an issue that was over decades ago in my little patch to do what exactly what? Freeze and turn back time?, combined with the need for "interested parties" to have their say ( all a long way from any actuall freezing/hanging/namecalling etc of course ) Whatev
  22. Who is Keith Arthur? Serious question because i don't have a clue who he is.. Chris
  23. What could be more unhealthy than what we have atm?. Men and Women being driven apart by the benefits, taxation and council housing allocation system. The creation of wolf males and single mother enclaves. The destruction of Science, thought and community. But on the other hand theres always laying into Rupert Murdoch, whoever he might be (whoever he is he will die at some point and your problem will be solved )
  24. The article is comparing Landings into British ports from the Empire days, when our fleets went everywhere , including Iceland Greenland, the Barents Sea, and strange places like "Bill Baileys Bank" ( of course steaming past all the fantastic fishing in the UK because they were stupid greedy fishermen) , with modern landings and then coming to some media friendly but illogical conclusions. Add a few zealot Chefs and the problem is solved. Alternative view might be to tell the truth. Its not profitable but it might give our kids a better start..
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