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  1. What about Sherwood Forest Holiday Park, I went there a few years ago with a few members of my old fishing club. On the site is the Sherwood Forest Fishery which is in easy walking distance from all areas of the park. There is 5 lakes in all. We fished the open on the big lake which is run on the weekends, we asked around and the warden was happy to give us advise on what to use. Tho they werent very happy that we took top 3 and i won the junior section ahead of the locals We plesured fished for 2 days hopping aroun the other 4 pools. Caught well on them all really, had some nice car
  2. My favourite rule is no pellets except the ones they sell. They go on about theres are better and all that, but they are the same ones my local tackle shop sells. Well except for the prce, when they charge double the price
  3. Im fishing my clubs day out on 27th September up there and wandered if anyone had any advice or tips. Ive checked out there website but doesent give you a great deal of info just odd bits and wandered if anyone had fished it. We'll be fishing the Rock Pool. Theres quite a few rules in place on the fishery so my usually tactics are out the window so i thought about going back to my old method of meat and corn. Any tips will be greatfull and thanks in advance
  4. Yeh the Kamasan Animal hooks are very strong(landed 12lb carp on size 20 other week ), been usin the for past few years and havent had one straightened yet, Its only hooks i use, have 2 each of each size in me box ready. I know lot of other people who swear by them and its all they use aswell. Ive had no trouble on clear waters with them, i fished clear lake the other week and catchin 1 a chuck on size 14.
  5. I use pole most of the time and i think best way to strike is sideways, ive found i get better hooking and also doin this usually means the fish dont dart forwards and bottom the elastic quickly and pull the hook or break you. Once hooked if it takes off i slam about 12 inches of pole under water and i found when doing this the fish comes back to you as the elastic pulls back the fish. Allways keep around a 30 degree angle of the fish so your top section doesnt fly off, which ive seen happen to people.
  6. The Tesco one work perfect. I think there only £3 or less for a big bag. I fix mine by usion one of those elastics that slide down the hook. Most tackle shops ive been in sell them, there a small elastic with a hole so far round that your hook goes through. Then u pull the band over the mixer.
  7. I do the same, i fire out a couple of dog biscuits usually to get them confident then flick out my piece of bread and the usually all go for it rather than dog buiscuits. And another good thing i find is that if i fire dog buiscits out the birds on the pool dont bother with them very much. Unlike bread which the haom in on.
  8. Started fishin at 5 with my grandad and im 17 now, below is me PB's in those 12 glorious years of sittin beside the bank Last 2 years ive been goin after my grandads PB's but have found stubling blocks at his better catches. Me Grandad's 4 unbreakables- Common Carp - 15Lb (Bucks Head Long Lane, Telford) I dare say i wont catch a fish in the way he did with this fish, landing a fish that size on 6 elastic, 3Lb main line and 1Lb Hook Length is beyond belief, he had to walk the bank for 1hour 45mins till he landed it. Pike - 13LB ( The Valley Pool, Telford) Barbel - 12Lb 8oz (Swinney
  9. Yeh works same as elasticated method feeder. What he found was wen the carp riped tehtip round theyd snap the hooklink 1 outa 3 times. So he elasticated them and hast had any trouble since. Everytime i go in theres someone buyin them and he also elasticates them for you. I forgot how he did it but ill go in tommorow and see how he does it.
  10. Personally i dont put the Hookbait in the feeder, I use a 2 inch hooklength. They work very good and i remember wen thy came out at tackle shop by me they sold out in a day. The tackle shop owner uses them all the time now and found them very good. Somehow he elasticates his feeder so that wen a fish bites the hook is set by the elastic as everyone found that if ur fishing after large carp they usually break the hooklengh wen they bite..
  11. I agree, at first glance i did laugh but after reading your post u cant dismiss them as a bait, maybe ill give them a try next time i go to Kingswell (Fish there are sucicidal and will eat anything, i caught 2 carp fishing with flamin hot flavoured moster munch surface fishing. Ow and a half a dozen gudgeon using bits of tomato and lettuce off me sandwitch)
  12. Middy Hi-Vis i believe is the best pole elastic goin. I thought of getting the hydro stuff but alot of people say thats its to dear and stretches to far which makes it awkward to land fish. Most people i know use hi-viz nowadays as its cheap and very good. I got 4 top kits with my pole and heres how ive done mine- Carp Top- Rating 18-22 (Blue) Carp Top- Rating 18-22 (Blue) -Spare Match Top- 12 - 16 (Pink/Red) Match Top- 6 - 10 (yellow) So for your 3 top kits id just drop the spare one i use. They do do smaller elastic rtings but i dont bother using them on the off chance i hook a l
  13. For me its Paste, I remember when i began fishing at 4 up until the age of 10 i fished a local pool a few miles away and allways used Meat and Paste and never bothered with anything else. I stopped fishing few years because we couldnt get a lift anymore. Then my grandad and i joined a club which a friend from his old works fished for. I never did much good on carp waters as i was oblivious to the fat that paste was the in thing and i didnt bother changing ways theat did well most of my life Then wen i was 15 a new tackle shop opened in the street and i came across a tub of paste and decided
  14. I only night fish the one pool and i hate noises while im in my bivvie. The main problem is the coots on the pool, One particular it has a red beek and every time i night fish there one runs round the back of my bivvie in the trees and scares me sh**less some times. Another thing in my area is crime and a while 2 people were stabbed by someone. And i didnt know i went the night after th fisrt stabbing happened which really shook me up. I never went back till a month later when the person was caught. But one thing and this aint a joke, the main thing that im scared of is PUMAS. On the o
  15. The world record Crucian is 8 lb 13 oz caught from Lake on Zealand in Denmark 2006
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