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  1. whoa chaps, you may have lost the battle but you haven't lost the war yet . 40 cm IS better than nothing as is the mesh changes, DEFRA could have just listened to the commercials and the ICES scientists and changed absolutely nothing. also the RSA bag limits are also a good thing, as they will prevent those guys that are taking 5 or 10 bass every trip - if that is introduced in GUernsey as i hope it is, it will stop the catches of 30 plus spawning bass a day by so called RSA's I support the license and will continue to do so - it formalises our position as stakeholders. that said,
  2. sounds very familiar, if you ever go fishing with Steve be prepared not to hang around a second - he's always first off down the beach, first off the boat etc. first into the pub sounds like a funky trip fellas. GB ps - WHAT was that Steve ? somekind of low-tech communication antennae ?
  3. thanks, that was my point - if 1/8 of your catch is fish of 5lb plus, then the effect of these catches ( being 100% over 5lb) must be magnified eight times on the spawning biostock. say if the channel catch is 1300 tonnes per year and one eighth of that is spawning biomass of 162.50 tonnes. then the 35 tonnes taken each year in guernsey is 20% of the spawning biomass. now i know thats very rough figures, and most of the fish will have spawned once or more before but how long can the stock sustain that direct harvesting of its spawning biomass ? GB
  4. wurzel - the mark was discovered 3 years ago by accident by a potter. the local commercial fisherman said last year that they felt the fish would have shoaled up in previous years elsewhere - one previous example given was the schole bank in the 90's i think. it was also felt that eventually they would move on ( maybe due to the continued harrisment they get ). this is the third winter on the mark though. despite the vast numbers landed, apparently most fish are sitting on the bottom not feeding. a local skipper i spoke to felt that they are not spawning but waiting to move to deeper water
  5. i have never spun at night but have caught a few bass up to 6.5lbs on popper and crease flys so theres no reason why a disturbance lure wouldn't work. this year i also caught bass in total darkness on lightly weighted clousers and deceivers dead drifted in rips over shallow water and currents in gullies. bass have big eyes and excellent night vision and a lateral line which feels disturbance in and on the water. just remembered actually that last summer in cape cod, 7 of us fished several nights on the beach and caught striped bass ( a close relative) long after dark on weighted fl
  6. errr, how about adding some practical advice to that sewinman - i.e. how and where a beginner ( I assume) can find wild river trout fishing, in December, accessible in a short train ride from SW london/Surrey ? please enlighten me too GB
  7. guernseybass


    John, As an RSA i support the pullout of the CFP, and we ( saveourbass.com) pretty much do too i think. I think marine resources are too delicate for their management to be compromised by differing needs of differing countries. I am fully in favour of europe as a Free Trade Area but each country should be able to put its own interests first in regard to certain things seen as in the National Interest - defence, law & order, and other stuff such as fisheries and farming. In the same way that the EU should not decide how we defend our country, they should not manage our fishe
  8. I'm curious, why does the timing and motivation matter ? surely law breaking is law breaking ? and i think the number of EA prosections this year has increased massively for estuary netsman in the SW, and for unlicensed freshwater anglers across the country to the extent that the EA now releases monthly figures of fines convictions. I also remember reading of earlier crackdowns this year on commercial ports so given all that, i think its just part of a trend rather than temporary making the timing irrelevant. what was their defence, by the way ? GB
  9. if bass catches weren't generally down there wouldn't be bass anglers in their hundreds on the net and in magazine grumbling. bound to be a few good catches, but teh consensus seem to be catches have been falling sharply for years. and if cod stocks were largely down to climate ie. temps in the north sea rising, how does that effect western channel cod ? where the temps have hardly changed. I read a that the theory is that plankton is moving north out of the northsea but i can't see how that affect round here - could it not be also a result of overfishing for sandeels etc that cod f
  10. Wurzel, straight question - what do you blame for the decline in cod stocks and other species then ? including lower anglers catches of bass in England, Wales, France etc. and what do you think could be or should have been done? GB
  11. Thanks for your extensive and interesting post Chris. to answer the above : 1. I meant Guernsey's entire commercial annual landings ! not anglers catches. 2. no, but they are likely to given 1. above if it continues long term unabated. I accept Jaffas point that they have been doing pair trawling for 25 years - but on this scale ????? surely not. In Dr Pawsons presentation he said that in the early 90's 250/300 tons of bass per year were landed. In 2002, it was nearer 1300 tons due largely to pair trawling - thats almost 5 times more and regardless of nationality, it can't b
  12. my experience is that shore angling is mostly working class, but boat angling is a mix. i also think that flyfishing is a much more working class activity than it was, especially with sea naglesr turning to SWFF and coarse anglers FFing for pike, perch chub, barbel etc. that said i have quite often met posh people coarse fishing. GB
  13. interesting that the consultation document has a proposed date for the introduction, as well as a draft of the ministers approval at the back of it I thought not usual surely ? GB
  14. well said there Sam, i think that goes for both sides too. good thread chap. Interesting the other input about costs, forms etc too. Its clear to me that such operators are not where the real problems lie in our fisheries but with more the deep sea boats and pair trawlers etc. not to mention the CFP. If we renegotiate the CFP, prohibit these factory ships and pair trawlers, reduce bycatches, increase regulation etc then hopefully there will be more money for these small local operations, and more of them too, along with greater employment in recreational fishing and tourism for depr
  15. Guernsey for one. other areas that have some form of self regulation or have shown organised restraint are the Faroes, Norway, The Falklands, many parts of the NE US (Maine for example), Guam, Japan and New Zealand. GB
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