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  1. Westie


    Pip was knocking on your door for ages, just because Tanya said that you wouldn't answer it. lol.
  2. Superb shot, Snatcher - a clear winner from the outset, in my book.
  3. Rabbits have something to do with it. Now he's so trim, he's got half the neighbourhood's chavs after him - I've never seen Elton run before. Can't say which direction he's running, though. lol.
  4. Chees guys and gals - intend to. World is still spinning, but less viciously now. Might be able to post some pics in June, if I can stay upright! lol.
  5. You told us to target the pouting - I'm sure I remember you saying that you consider them to be one of the East Coast's finest sport and table fish... Still, the bacon and sausage butties were a bonus. Shame mine got covered in snotty slime.
  6. Chap at the tackle shop said that he'd caught a couple of sole last week - he was fishing in the area to the left of the pier.
  7. Tis indeed a titan triggerfish. I was attacked by one in the Maldives, after I went snorkelling at 5am to take some pictures of sharks/rays and the like. I saw a chap like this, floated about 20 feet away from him and took a snap. Bloody flash went off and this barsteward swam at my face and then took hold of one of my fins. It left me alone after me swimming backwards as fast as I could for about 40 feet. Titans are tough. They chew up coral for a living and their teeth are pretty terrifying, especially close up. That was the beginning and end of my underwater photography caree
  8. It's a nice tyre, mick! LOL. I like what you've done here. You're going to be doing some creative stuff, me thinks. Enjoy the new toys!
  9. Hi SW I've been out of action for a bit - raging vertigo and now tinnitus in my right ear - off to ENT I go tomorrow, in the vain hope of trying to get it fixed. Spinning head has not been conducive to either (a) looking at my monitor or ( taking photos. I'd need to have the damn camera permanently attached to a tripod and even if that kept things level, I'd still end up falling over. LOL. On the sweet spot issue, as I understand it, the usual rule of thumb I have used is that a lens will usually hit its sweet spot 2 stops down from its largest aperture up to about f8-11. At aro
  10. Hey Mick. Hope you're ok, mate. Here's a link. Pop it in your Favourites. AN Photo Comp
  11. Nice one Snatcher. Congratulations mate - great shots and a 1, 2 & 3 finish is pretty spectacular.
  12. Nice one Fred - clearly was the pick of the bunch to my eye too.
  13. Some cracking shots there.
  14. Westie

    Photo Of The Day.

    Night, night. Sleep tight. LOL.
  15. Westie

    Dark Man.

    Nice one Mick. Moody lighting. Just a pimple to clone out on the chin! LOL.
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