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  1. Care to elaborate on that quote? I'm not quite sure where you're coming from. What has the angling media got to do with tackle manufacturers dipping their hand in their pocket and putting money back into the sport?
  2. Unfortunately, there are few tackle companies that put money back into the sport over here. In the US they pile money into prizes for tournaments and sponsoring big name anglers etc. In fact, most of the light spinning rods and baitcasting rods that we can buy here in the UK are a direct result of the multi million dollar research and development that goes into USA bass fishing. The problem is, that most of the big name tackle manufacturers are American or Japanese - or they're owned by the Americans or Japanese. Their sport fishing tournaments are where the big bucks are, so the poor old UK
  3. Yeah, but he still likes to fire his spud gun at every given opportunity! lol
  4. For a start, the bass competitions you're talking about are held in lakes - freshwater lakes, so it's great having a 200-mile exclusion zone, but it doesn't affect the bass fishing in any way. Also, I think you'll find that the million dollar prizes come from the tackle industry and other sponsors - it's got bugger all to do with having a rod license. Most of the top guns on the bass tournament scene have more sponsorship logos on their clothes, boats and cars than most Formula 1 drivers! This is another reason why it makes primetime viewing - it's all paid for - just check out the ad breaks.
  5. Lol, no mate - we've got loads of s'hawks, buzzards and even red kites up here in lincolnshire. I love I do - they're awesome. Shame they kill blackbirds etc, but there's loads of blackbirds around - not many Apex predators with wings though! Besides, i heard you like shooting blackbirds with ya spud gun!
  6. It's nice to know that the world of angling isn't the only area where political bull**it prevails! Why can't they just introduce a few and see how it goes? Sod all the 'protected for a 100 metre radius' crap - they'll either survive or die, it's not bloody rocket science! And if the RSPB are so worried about a few other birds becoming 'meals' for the eagles, why don't they petition for a cull of sparrow hawks? There's loads up our way and they regularly smack hell out of the blackbirds/ starlings and doves. We live in a crazy society here in the UK - it's utter madness.
  7. And so you should, because apart from this and a few other websites - it's the only place you can get any information about what's really going on behind those firmly closed doors at AT Towers! I must admit, that if it wasn't for Steve C and a few others I wouldn't even bother with the politics in the mag. Getting info out of the AT is like trying to catch Dover sole with a size 10/0 O'Shaughnessy! I'm just glad to have hooked up with some very passionate anglers that are willing to sort through all the political crap that is scattered about in myriads of locations, and put it into plain Engl
  8. Yaaaaaawwwwwn.... Oh, are the Angling Trust still going then? I thought they'd curled up in a corner and died. It's getting a bit boring now isn't it? Just a bunch of Do Gooders and Do Nothings.
  9. Well anyone that knows me will be aware that I absolutely detest cats! I hate them even more now I know that they're adding to the problem of overfishing! LOL I Love this bit... "The authors of a recent book, Time to Eat the Dog?, warned that the energy required to feed a cat is the same as that required to build and drive a Volkswagen Golf for 6,000 miles a year." Where the hell did that come from? What a load of Pollacks! If that quote is anywhere near true, why not feed cats petrol or diesel instead and save some of our fish! I totally agree with this quote though - "I say
  10. ”The option of letting anglers take the odd fish ‘for the pot’ was considered but this would have made it difficult to bailiff. The effects of the scheme will be reviewed each year.” Now this sounds like a total cop out to me - Oh it is! I do question the intelligence of these people, really I do. How difficult is it to police? "Can I take a look in your bag please sir?" "Oh, you've got one mullet - fair play." We now know that poaching is the problem, so they have to 'bailiff' that now, 24hrs a day. That's the reason why the fish are disappearing from the river - bloody huge nets!
  11. I Had to laugh at this! http://www.anglingtrust.net/news.asp?itemi...ust+Latest+News How dare they! How dare they decide to ban fishing on a relatively small reservoir, without consulting the AT! Now they might understand how sea anglers feel! "The local angling club and the Angling Trust were only made aware of this decision after it had been taken; we believe that this is an announcement rather than a consultation." - Hello, that sounds familiar, but it's a bit more painful now the boot's on the other foot isn't it? “Given the region’s strategic importance for providing an
  12. Check this out! http://www.gofishing.co.uk/Sea-Angler/Sect...ullet-massacre/ I honestly think that these idiots need an anchor tying to their legs, then being sent off for a swim in 100 metres! 50p a kilo - to**ers!
  13. I can't wait either Paul - we may get nothing, but we may just do the business! I've got three or four different methods in my head to try - you just need to rig up that livewell mate! It'd be great to actually sett out to target them and catch a couple!
  14. Good timing! Further to my post above - here is an e-mail that just popped through from a BFM reader! Referring to 'eelgate'. Hi Dave, Having read Steve's Angle in this months BFM, I was appaulled at what I was reading. I rang my local MP and they didn't have a clue what I was talking about. I explained, that this bye-law breached my common rite to take fish from the sea for food. As the law stands " every man has the common rite to take whatever fish he wants from the sea as long as it is to feed himself and his family. (not that I want to take eels) The new by-law breach
  15. Okay Reg, so maybe the last part of my comment on the 'What do I get for my £20' post was a bit sarcastic, but I stand by everything else I've said on here. When you say the AT have spent an entire year 'setting up the organisation' what exactly do you mean? I thought they had a launch 'party' last year to launch the organisation? You don't turn the ignition key before you've put fuel in the boat do you? So why 'launch' and organisation that isn't ready to be launched? I'm sorry Reg, but that argument stinks. There's no excuse for cutting out the sea fishing media, which in turn cuts out m
  16. To which sea angling magazines are you referring to Reg? Because I get all of them here in the office and I haven't seen anything from the AT in them. Yes, I have gotten bitter, but that's purely out of frustration with how the AT are conducting themselves. I can't believe that they have turned down a very genuine offer of free editorial every month for an entire year. Apart from the 2-pager that Mark wrote, that's been about the extent of contact. Why haven't they pushed Mel and Barney to get space in SA and TSF as well? There are only two reasons for this Reg - either the AT don't want grass
  17. Well... apart from the spot at the base of the pec, you can also tell the difference by looking at the tail - a whiting's is square while the pollack's is concave!
  18. Buggered if I know? All the negative comments I post are based on facts.
  19. Interesting reference to the Angling trust near the bottom of that piece! I wonder what has happened to the records list?
  20. "As a subscriber for many years, I expect the editor to be both professional and respectful to its subscribers........... you are not. " As a sea angler for many years, and a sea fishing magazine editor for many years, I expect the top brass of my supposed 'national governing body for all anglers' to be both professional and respectful to it's members and potential members - THEY ARE NOT! Reg, I stand by what I said - I AM all in favour of an organisation if they can help 'save' our sport - but I'm afraid that the AT has already demonstrated the exact opposite. It seems that you haven't
  21. Did you expect anything less? The French do what they want, when they want to - it's as simple as that. We such a pussy state that we can't do bloody anything!
  22. I've got a restraining order that prevents me from going within 100 pages of the AT website!
  23. "In recent years anglers have seen the peace and quiet on the waters they fish being shattered by increasing numbers of canoes, rafts and other craft. Often these boats are being launched without the landowners permission and without a right of navigation. They can cause irreparable damage to delicate habitats which support fish and fish eggs. The British Canoe Union has been running a campaign, with some political support, for universal access to all watercourses, at all times – a “right to row”. In its first year of existence, the Angling Trust lobbied Government, MPs and
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