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  1. Can anyone give me details about Crowhurst Angling Club (near Lingfields in Surrey) , a name,address,phone no. anything. I live local and wish to join , thanks in advance.
  2. The story states that the fish was dropped from several hundred feet , but was alive and kicking on the ground.......mmmmmmm ? Are you sure ?
  3. I'm a member of East Grinstead Angling Club but have noticed a water (3 lakes I believe) on the Dormansland road to East Grinstead that belong to Isfield Angling. Can anyone give me more details , I live in Lingfield and the waters are nice and local.
  4. Just 'cos it aint camo doesn't mean we don't wear it !
  5. Thanks boys , all safely returned now. Cheers.
  6. Lyn , Sue and Tony , many thanks for your efforts , do you know some one who could have done something about the weather ? There's aways next time !
  7. Tony, put my cheq. in the post , can you confirm receipt . Thanks Dave Harden.
  8. Tony,I'll pop my cheq in the post this weekend .Many thanks. What ya cooking up Matt. the cold weather makes me very hungry !
  9. Isn't the answer to this prob. , work it out yourself ? Sorry to sound harsh ! The rest of us had to , instant fishing success is no benefit to you , surely the joy is slowly changing approach with increased results ? Refine , refine , bigger better catches...............shoot me down !
  10. You always had it in you mate !
  11. Fished Sion Park on the missplaced understanding that the ticket allowed fishing in all the estates waters upto your limit (as told to me by Bailiff at Sion) , then got kicked of (limit short cos we opted to move) from one of their other waters (can't remember which) was p*ssed off to say the least , had done enough driving for the day !
  12. I'll do that ! I'm soooo over Coltsford.
  13. I feel the option of being able to stalk a particular fish adds an extra dimention to the fishing there !
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