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  1. Dear ALL The soft silicone tubing I place on my wire traces is for two reasons......the first is covered by Anthony and the second was to allow me to gauge where the hook position would be on landing the eel. The hook would be either visible or if the tubing was still visible the hook was somewhere inside the mouth area......depending on the amount outside the mouth. No tubing being visible meant I didn't even have to bother with the 'looking' for the hook before knowing if it was a 'cut the trace job'. I always retain any eels caught in a sack over my eel sessions. So on landi
  2. Dear Wag...... Thanks for that info....I have saved it for my records. Very interesting reading. Dear Severn Wolf...... I have no worries, you sound as though you are a thinking kind of guy.....here's to your good fortune with those big eels. Yours With Resepct..... Steve.
  3. Dear Severn Wolf.... Read and understood.......correct approach with the two rod attack. No on the 'if worm' scenario and likewise the other way round.......keep using both baits......keep the deads small....4oz baits in half being about right......use tails and heads....for some strange reason, some lakes have eels that prefer one to the other...don't ask me why.....you could also try a 2-3oz whole deadbait as well....fish the deads with a feeder filled with cotton wool and inject some fish oil into it to act as an attractor.....eels have awesome smell senses....hook the baits either
  4. Dear Severn Wolf..... Any type of free running rig will work.....from straight legers to patenoster set ups. Resistance.....this is quite simple really.....so long as the resistance doesn't change as the run develops, you'll be fine. So, don't use monkey climber set ups or heavy bobbins between the but and first ring. A standard pike dropback indicator will suffice so long as the bobbin is clipped tight and is already at the maximum height before unclipping. I have fished rivers with the line running through a foam butt ring plug to prevent the line being pulled off the spo
  5. Dear Tigger..... Everyone has to learn somewhere...so no problems there, OK. Yes I agree, the smaller eels of around 6oz to 1.5lb's do tend to be afflicted with a suicidal tendency to wrap themselves up so tight around the line that they almost seek to damage themselves......I'm pleased you took the time to seek to unwrap the whole slimey mess and return the eel back whence it came. Dear Severn Wolf..... The mysteries of the freshwater eel, Anguilla anguilla...... Dear Wag..... Yours With Respect..... Steve.
  6. Dear ALL Newspaper as a tool for holding eels to unhook them......thats a big no-no...it removes all the protective slime....you need a damp unhooking mate and then you need to place the eel on its back and stroke it gently from head to tail....the eel will calm down reasonably quickly and then you can remove the hook. Hooks that cannot be seen after capture equals cutting the wire trace as near to the mouth as possible WITHOUT pulling on the trace first to see where the hook is......all the eels vital organs are within the deep throat area and are vunerable to life threatening damaged
  7. Dear MikeyP....and others out there. Here's a good tip for the continued conservation of eel stocks within our water systems..... Do not...NOT....mention by name or location any lakes, ponds, meres, reservoirs ect ect on here or any other fishing website. Why? Simple really......If I were an eel netsman, forums like these would be my first port of call. Information is really far too easy to obtain via reading and asking a few cleverly worded questions. The Internet is an awesome font of information. Fishing forums are an even better source of information for anyone wanting
  8. Dear Peter It is certainly good news to see respected anglers changing their views about the species and returning eels of this quality back to their domain alive. She would certainly be well over forty years old......and may have as long again to live within our waterways if she doesn't return back to sea......and a fish of that age is probably past her 'going back urge'....but lets hope not eh! Thanks for your consideration in putting her back alive.....as they say, it's one step at a time in the changing of minds and trends. Apologies for the time factor in replying to you P
  9. Dear Peter Splendid news on the bootlace front.....thanks for the info....and to the other news of bootlaces up in the northern end of the British Isles. Congratulations on the new PB.....best side of 40 years old.....both of you. Yours With Respect..... Steve.
  10. Dear David...... How refreshing....thanks for that small but very FACTual and sensible post. Yours With Respect..... Steve.
  11. Dear Cyrano If what you say is correct, and I have no need to doubt your claims, then you are the most successful eel angler in history. Interestingly, if you would like to drop me a line...privately.....then maybe I can persuade you to write an account of it to be added into the contents of the book on eels that is to be produced by The National Anguilla Club in the future. I shall respect your confidentiality and your water will not be threatened by others invading it. Have you some photos to go along with your reported eels...that'd make the written article an awesome read f
  12. Dear ALL I have to agree with you all.....these people think we are stupid. Peter......Great ad campaign that. What about things like 50% off all articles or stories...... "Once upon a time there was me, Fred, Bob and the rest of the gang. Early one morning we gathered in the gloom of an autumn dawn and commenced to put into practice our planned trip to a destination unknown, other than to carrot crunchers and tater pickers........" When Stephen King wrote a six part series edition of 'The Green Mile' at least the readership got all six parts to the story....imagine him an
  13. Dear ALL....... Quote.........Trent.barbeler "Dear Newt, Interesting little topic this one. Well, interesting from an English point of view. Most Americans sport fish with the aid of artificials do they not? Hard to imagine twitching one of those jelly wormy thingmies through that sea of mud you posted. But then again, you Americans do seem to come up with all types of wobbly contraptions that catch just about anything. The thing I find really quite odd are some of the traditional comments in books and stuff concerning fishing an English river in flood for barbel. Odd becau
  14. Dear Peter (Martin) Pleased to hear your proposed New Year Resolution.... Quote "My new years resolution is to get more political on environmental and angling issues I look up to the likes of Peter Waller Leon Roskilly and others who are acting on a local level while keeping an eye on the bigger picture." Given that statement.....one which I applaude....don't worry about barks from puppies on the political edges of the arena. Your going to have to say what you think if you're going to get political....and stand by it. Your remark..... Quote "I wish now I had not gone public n
  15. Dear Saul Time to fish for eels with the best chances of catching them......Spring time, from when the other fish species present in the lake are spawning, onwards through the summer months right into October or the first few hard frosts. October through to March is hard, hard time and very near dead-zone eel fishing time. Hope this helps.....if you need more info or advice, then you can private mail me and I'll see if I can help you out. Dear Peter Quote "But for an eel to be big it has to be huge! Good luck." Not only huge Peter but also very old. Quote "At this
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