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  1. little hermy scuttling along in the shallows
  2. wow great shots bikerian. a great find.. now that's something ya don't see everyday! I wonder if it's ever experienced racism from the white swan majority hehehe (edit: a joke btw, b4 I get jumped on) awwwe it's good to be different....
  3. wohooooo!!!! holy cow now that's a fish!!! as we say in wales 'a bomper!' here's my piccy's for today sat under a tree sheltering from the sun. found this really secluded beach about 2 minutes drive from the gaff.. couldn't quite believe it.. absolutley deserted.. think it's gonna be my 'thinking spot' or 'happy place' (for those of you who've seen the movie 'happy gilmore' hehehe)
  4. hehehehe u guys all work no play makes jack a wifeless boy.. maybe i should manouver into the slow lane for a while, give life a chance. sweet as candy or horrors from hell, your all so lucky to have children. tick-tock-tick-tock-tick-tock
  5. awe kids are just so sweet.. Jan those pics are special and rabster that one of yours drinking from the beaker is amazing... just found out some close friends are having a baby and i'm just so happy for them, but at the same time wishing it was me oh well plenty of time i suppose (not) (sob sob) i'm so broody now and wish for a mrs right to come along so i too can have some little horrors of my own hehehe haven't got many pics of me but this one was taken recently.. i know it says 'no fish' but what the hell... here's me proud of catching at least something here when all i'm use to
  6. sad i know but n4lly that kinda sounds like a recurring dream heeheehee edit: apart from it being newt and the "Iron this -- then get me a beer." part hehehe
  7. kool bobj i will make my way to Oz at some point.. my Ma's a kiwi and we're gonna do New Zealand & Oz in a grand tour maybe next year can't wait... especially for the fishing! here's my pic of the day: Marlin boat - Grand Baie - Mauritius
  8. nice frog pic bobj, is it poisonous? just wondering seeingz Oz has the most poisonous creatures in the world hehehe got friends near margeret river been meaning to visit for ages but looks like i'm going it alone as everyone else is too scared of the poisonous creatures there hehehe.. severus - great pic. hey that sure looks like the wild west especially looking at those hills in the background. poledark - wkd duck pic m8! been sinking quite a few of these - the delicious beer of Mauritius 'phoenix'
  9. sorry rabster, i've not the foggiest btw here's my POTD: a pinapple growing wild
  10. hi tyurke, i'm wondering that too.. i been looking at the info about it on on stevesdigicams but can't decide wether to go for it or wait & splash out the extra cash for a Canon EOS 5D.. hmmmm anyone?
  11. bikerian those swan pics are amazing!
  12. i'd love to go bonkers on the waves in this boat.. the ferarri of speedboats hehe vroom vroom
  13. hiya my POTD - 'a weird bug'.. strange how it turned out.. all i did here was crop and sharpen.. looks like a negative. must be the reflection off the glass.
  14. shame indeed i haven't posted in the 'non-fishing chat' forum much but this really is my last ever post here. & no! no-matter what reply results from this msg it will NOT provoke me to counter reply, (not even someone's sad attempt to point out my typing errors lol).. i won't insult my own intelligence any longer. the uneducated narrow minded minority here ruin it for everyone else. you cannot argue with an idiot. i think i'll just stick to my passions 'fishing' and 'photography' where people are more open minded and friendly. fairwell & goodbye 'non-fishing chat' forum BM
  15. paul that pic is awsome!!!.. what camera did u use to take that? i love it
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