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  1. I want to give my vote,but I do not want to be on facebook
  2. I've spent many a happy hour blanking from Gorlestone Pier But I have caught my best shore caugth Bass & Cod, giving me 2 happy PBs at the time
  3. Majik John, has the fair ground been modernised or is it closed permanent ?
  4. I do not know what your n.o is so far, so I will offer £10
  5. Ace Glenn, thanks for sharing your Summer fishing experiences. Looking forward to your Autumn Gallery
  6. SHOCKED I was lucky to be able to fish with Daz, back in 1998, from John Rawles' boat Kingfisher. We were in the Sea Anglers Champion of Champions Boat Competition where Daz was doing his reporting. A fantastic day as we were also learning to Uptide, with John sharing with us his experience of that style of fishing. Daz on the day was telling me how he loved the sea fishing reporting and was taking him to many places that we could only dream of. I've followed his reports and banter over the years and it is of great sadness, at such a young age, that a fellow sea angler has gone, but not forgotten. RIP Das
  7. John the mind thinks many a strange thing when your on that much WEED, that's just a Sandeel that tried to bite your toe
  8. Fished from Gorleston pier many a time, from the bend next to the old light house up to the round end. It is hit and miss, many a species landed, in all states of the tides and in all weathers. Fished throughout the night and had great sport with whiting keeping us busy. Some nice Codling off the round end, with Bass from along the pier, from the lookout station around to the RNLI. If you walk up to the end of the round end then fish facing South East, a good cast will put you into fish. Have another baited rod fishing down the side, good Cod and Bass have been caught here. Good Luck
  9. Ace reporting and piccies, it looks like you all enjoyed the session
  10. I love those silver bullets, well done Glenn
  11. It's good to read a fresh fishing report, good or bad. Thanks for that one terry t shirt
  12. I've seen the light, not at those prices.
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