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  1. It is booming TO MUCH SO my favourite venue use to have 3 or 4 of us between 36 pegs on an 18 acre lake. Its been a struggle to even get on it at a weekend this season as every man and his dog has taken the sport back up. Its not an easy water made even harder by the amount of pressure its suddenly receiving. I think there may be an awful lot of bait now just rotting on the bottom since they all think you need to throw in 5 kilos of boilies daily as per the carp mags . I predict in a years time or less there will be a lot of second hand tackle available on flea bay etc.
  2. Birmingham angling association i think but dont quote me. i may be wrong
  3. I've Been working throughout this pandemic due to the nature of my job. Would love the chance to get out for a few hours to just relax and take my mind off things. But with everyone furloughed or off work i suspect even the quieter places i fish will be full as no-one will be at work and they will very quickly get crowded. Looking at announcements from clubs so far i dont think as many places will be open Wednesday as people expect and i still refuse to go to some puddle and catch overstocked fish.
  4. Hi Mat Luton is my old stamping ground. Main 2 clubs are Luton Angling Club Miles of canal from above and below leighton buzzard Several river sections on the upper ouse Beckering resevoir North house lake and one near kempston https://www.lutonanglingclub.co.uk/ Vauxhall Angling club Sharnbrook complex including radwell 7 lakes varying sizes and content + a cpl of miles of upper ouse ouse at Kempston Woburn sands section of canal near milton keynes Tingrith lakes. Also IPA affiliated to fish the I
  5. Personally i wouldn't be worrying about baits that much . I think they will eat fairly much anything regardless what size they are. The hard bit as i see it is finding where in the lake they are feeding. Chances are they are in a small nomadic shoal of around 10 fish. try targetting smaller clear areas rather than big open areas a huge shoal might feed. Although i found they don't like feeding in dense weed weed or cover they do like it close by.
  6. Might be daft enough to order 23 new reel seats .
  7. I'm always a bit wary of the bidders for things like this if they post huge automatic bids but have never bid on anything else in the past. Had it with a set of rods i was watching once, they were relisted 3 times by the same guy. And every time the highest bid was from the same guy who had never bid on anything by another seller.
  8. Before the close season was abolished on still waters i remember a few commercials near where i lived used to be fished. The owners called them any method trout fisheries,but to my knowledge non of them had ever produced a rod caught trout to any one. I doubt if they actually had a single trout amongst them. On this basis could you say your any method trout fishing on any river?
  9. I Just hope the Mrs doesn't sell mine for what i told her it cost .
  10. Prefer lake as some will want to fish for carp. No date planned yet but thinking is end of may.
  11. My family has decided to organise a fishing get together over a weekend. Any one know of any good mixed fisheries we can day ticket / over night between heathrow and newbury area.
  12. There are several species that use to be a regular catch which now thinking about it i haven't caught many of if at all in recent years. Gudgeon, Ruffe, Crucian carp and even rudd. waters that use to be abundant in them now seem virtually devoid.
  13. If i was just stopping on an extra hour or so theres a cpl of options. Touch ledgering , just hold the rod and rest the line over your finger, Quiver using a red LED head torch works best with a quiver tip painted white. The nightlight whipped on as you've said. Personally on a river i never use more than 2 rods and would have nightlights whipped on ready. But if just stopping on with one rod I would opt for touch ledgering.
  14. Unfortunately we can blame the eu for this . We haven't brought maggots in pints for years its now a measure with whatever the store uses as a measure. I think this happened the same time as you stopped buying meat at the deli counter by the pound and started buying by the kilo. I'm not sure why but the alcohol weights and measures were not affected.
  15. I've Decided this year i'm going to try and get back to my youth a bit more. No more trying to find big fish just going to catch fish of any size. I remember i loved trotting maggots under a stick and catch 5lb of roach dace up to 3 oz . Or waggler fishing a small pond. I've become infatuated with trying to break my pb's that i sit for hours without a bite trying to tempt a specific species when there,are fish in front of me i could be catching. So june 16th will find me on the river just trying to catch whats in front of me.
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