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  1. Make sure you sink the line and set to just trip bottom, you may find the float works against the surface flow, If you need to slow the movement increase your depth and shotting pattern. Tight lines
  2. If you struggle to sink your line carry a small amount of cheap washing up liquid and a piece of sponge, Make a long cast and squeeze the soaked sponge onto the line with your thumb and index finger and wind in, when the float reaches the rod end undo the bail arm and work back from the float for the length of the rod ( this is the most important bit ) you should find the line sinks easily, you may need to repeat this several times during a session but the effort will reap rewards. tight lines
  3. hermes,a worm on one end has got it! it was Ray Mills, Very approachable guy, willing to share "his" ideas, long rod -centrepin-polefloat and setup even when fishing the near shelf.
  4. Didn`t Billy have a travelling companion who was also a great canal angler, Seem to recall him winning my section fishing bloodworm with a rod and centrepin on the grand union once.
  5. Easy run to potter heigham about twelve miles, Free fishing by the bridge suits stick float pole or feeder or try the entrance to Herbert woods boatyard if you are after pike, A great spot as they move in and out from the main river and the constant turning point seems to stun the prey fish and provide easy pickings. Tight lines
  6. Smear horseradish sauce on yer hands and they leave you alone!
  7. sorry I mean respect,( one fingered typing for you.
  8. Do what I do: If the forecast you are looking at is crap and the wife idicates it may be better to "stay at home" which we all know means go shopping then simply change channels and find one that "appears" to be more favorable, I find this works fine until you return home to " I told you so!!" By the way just returned from work to medway towns and the snow is falling and the roads are the pits,Anybody contemplating wetting a line in this srea has my utmost repect.
  9. Agree around the 27lb mark, As with most broadland pike fantastic markings well done.( if there is a prize i`ll plump for 26lb 12oz
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    Thanks to Leon and all for a really enjoyable day,Enjoyed the fishing and thought the food and service were great.Book me in on any future trips!! frosty
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    As I`m the new boy can you put me in the best and most sheltered swim chaps? see you there. K
  12. Hi Hermes, The main river which runs in front of the complex you are staying in responds well to stick float held back slightly or pole tactics feeding hemp and maggot. The cut that runs into the boatyard produced my p/b pike to floatfished smelt at the same time of year from the cottages opposite and produced a few runs most days, Also a few large perch at dusk. Have fun (in Horning Myself next week)
  13. Lots of ideas for you, Another one is to rinse the seed and put in a pan of cold water around 8pm bring to the boil turn off and cover,when you get up strain the water which you can retain to add in to your groundbait and the seeds will be ready for use. T/L
  14. Hi Kenvis, New myself but what fond memories,My wife purchased a flyer for me many moons ago and what a fantastic tool it was for everything from trotting the Norfolk Bure early mornings before the boats for the roach to chucking a waggler at the tench on southern lakes. ( search e-bay regularly you will find one eventually! )
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