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  1. liamfish


    i have used a loop of line over bread for mullet too- works a treat
  2. another vote for bread (no flavouring) 10.4 river bream.
  3. freeline your chosen bait? keep a finger on the line to register bites?
  4. ah ha- that would make sense. and yes south of Aquaduct Lock- I have no car and will only cycle as far as I can be bothered from my door..... lazy i know
  5. i have been although never had a thing out of there. I did see a small match going on in the north wharf road area. but that must have been 3 odd years ago....
  6. no my good man its the lea navigation- which parts of you can fish all year around...
  7. these were wild river carp
  8. i nearly lost 2 rods on the way back from tanzania- they were going in the hold but security thought they were guns and wanted to see a fire arms licence!
  9. Morning all I have watched carp cruise in groups of 2 or 3 but never in huge numbers..... until sat that is. I also had a huuuuge carp following the one that I had on the end of my line. is this normal?
  10. so maybe i should just pop onto ebay/ buy mass market rather than going custom.... spend less than 100 notes rather than nearly 200
  11. Hi Nick its http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/6508791.stm Cheers Liam
  12. will that have enough grunt for bigger fish?
  13. i must start this topic by pointing out that I have absolutely no need for a new rod.... but i'll still buy one mwahahaha so heres what id like opinions on: I mainly fish wier pools for chub, barbel, bream and the odd river carp. I am looking for a strong rod to heave in double figure carp but enough sensitivity to pick up fussy nibbles. I have a peregrine 10ft 2 lb rod which is perfect if i am targeting the carp but it struggles to pick up nibbles from the smaller fish in the flow. so should I buy an off the shelf greys or the like? or have something made specific? Any thoughts? Liam
  14. Hi Tony I dont dispute the fact. I guess the urban environment lend itself in increased run off, pollution etc etc. Its just a shame that (for whatever reason) the water is not as prolific as it obviousy once was Liam
  15. Steve i have been up and down the lea or lee to broxbourne and back with very little success. which has been frustrating seeing as I live 5 mins walk from part of the navigation in hackney. I have heard of people feeding boilies for about a week- this seems to produce the odd carp. I know that the consortium has been stocking as of late.... but I also see cormorants having a feed. Dennis also says that the water doesnt fish too well below enfield lock. im afriad that i travel further afield now. However I would love someone to prove me wrong, it would be great to have a fishy spot on my doors
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