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  1. No North East. The bright object you can see SW is Altair. Right now Jupiter is below the horizon NNE. Venus has dropped below the SSW horizon at present. Neptune and Uranus are between East and South at present although I'd guess they aren't visible to the naked eye. All these positions can vary it all depends on what time you look out/up. There's a really good download to see what's up there, called Stellarium. iPad and Android have apps called Night Sky. All are full of info for budding stargazers.
  2. Venus is very easy to spot at present just as the light starts to go. In the South Eastern sky but soon dropping below the horizon. Jupiter was visible to the North East a bit later in the evening.
  3. I have a Packard Bell computer for sale. Comes with power lead, keyboard and mouse. Windows XP Home edition Service pack 3 [recent clean install]. 360GB hard Drive, 2 GB of Ram, with an Intel Duo core processor, Ethernet, Realtek audio and Nvidia Video card. A bit noisy at start up but otherwise is pretty quick and works well. No monitor or other peripherals included. Looking for the bargain price of £75 collection only from near Cambridge
  4. We need the rain, all our lakes are down by a couple of feet. The wind was pretty strong around 1pm but seems to have dropped now. It's the early morning when it's forecast to hit us here in East Anglia. I did say forecast.
  5. Found it, Love letter to Japan - the Bird and the Bee.
  6. No not the Chain, but the new song played at the end of the BBC coverage today, what's it called and who is it performing it?
  7. I'm not surprised having read through all the previous my brain hurts. Get well soon Steve.
  8. Get the EA to check the Dissolved Oxygen levels. Hydrogen Peroxide is their go to method. Worthwhile getting a Venturi pump in the lake to increase Oxygen. Failing that get air stones [bubblers] in there. Do you have an electricity supply close enough to get these aids installed? If all esle fails call the fire brigade.
  9. Groovy, you certainly won't be wasting your time as fishing isn't a waste of time. Whether there are any BASS where you mention is for you to find out. I realise you are new to fishing but the best way to answer your question is to experiment yourself. Finally Sea Bass only exist in the minds of TV Chefs, Restauranteers [sp] etc in the UK. We only have BASS here. Good luck and tight lines
  10. A bit late with this one. Monday night's storm started around 11pm and was still going strong at 7am. The most spectacular Storm I can remember. Looking forward to getting another one soon.
  11. Thanks for the help guys. Just discovered that ConvertX2DVD converts and burns to NTSC.
  12. I have 4, 26 minute DVDs to convert from PAL to NSTC, can anyone point me to a program that will do the conversion for me? I believe NERO RECODE will do the job, but it's likely to be a one off so I'm hoping to keep the costs down. Thanks.
  13. I see JC has just banked £14m by selling his share of the Top gear holding company. Good luck to him I say.
  14. http://www.my-expat-network.co.uk/?gclid=CM7Ju4Hyk7gCFQFA4Qod8QkABQ Do a google search for ways around it, the above isn't free but I'll bet someone can point you to a freebie.
  15. Anybody watch this last night?? Stunning photography. The savagery of war.portrayed for what it is, obscene! A friend of mind wonders how [McCullin] stayed sane while witnessing all that horror. Some heart wrenching scenes and stories. It takes a special person to be able to be able to shoot those photographs it those terrible circumstances. Not that it would make any difference, but all politicians should be made to watch that film. If you missed it, it's on iPlayer. http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b036j3fp/imagine..._Summer_2013_McCullin/
  16. I think you will find it was the Mujahideen who waged war on the USSR. The Taliban followed by taking over Afghanistan in 1996 I think.See the film Charlie Wilson's War.
  17. Some of you may remember I had this nice little bungalow up for sale in 2010 well we were in the area recently and found [see attached thumbnail] in it's place. It seems it cost just over €1m to build. The multi-millionaire who built it gave €10m to various charities in recent years and has just given another house in the area to another charity. He aims to give away most of his fortune before 2015. He will have to go some as he is on the Irish Rich list with €857m it seems.
  18. Try this link http://www.accony.co.uk/images/Dave%27s%20tackle.doc The other link works fine for me? Do you have Excel or similar?
  19. This time it's at start up. I'm getting a screen that presents me with a button "other user", I don't have "other user". I have to start in last known configuration to get the damn thing working. Win7 64bit with SP1 installed. HELP
  20. A good friend passed away a few months ago and his Widow has asked me if I can help clearing his tackle. So I've listed as much as a I can. See http://www.accony.co.uk/images/Dave%27s%20tackle.xls for what's available. I'm not prepared to send any of the rods via post/courier as most don't have tubes and they [most anyway] just aren't worth it. Pick up from near Bar Hill near Cambridge. Sensible & reasonable offers please.
  21. Okay I might have been a bit rash there. I somehow seem to have fixed it?? I promise not to swear like that again [iMac]
  22. After the saga of not being able to get windows updates, I blean install of Win7 64 bit this morning. Applied SP1 as well and all seemed well until I installed Windows Live essentials [just live mail & skydrive] when all seemed well for a while and then I updated windows. Now I'm getting the message "Error ordinal 459 missing from urlmon.dll" and can't download programs such as Flash update, CCleaner etc. I think I'll buy an iMac.
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