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  1. Hi guys, anyone got any views on the new specimen armo? I need a new bivvy and i've been looking at that kinda price range (£150-£180) but I havent seen the bivvy. My other possibilities are the STI and the Chub Cyfish. Any ideas? Ethan [ 18. September 2005, 04:17 PM: Message edited by: tbonejones ]
  2. Yeh thanks jeepster, i know its awful. Way too small and not sdjustable. 65 quid too!!!!!!!
  3. Can you tell me more about it Severn? Ethan
  4. Thanks, looks good! However, I was thinking more of a gool post style set up. I used to have an xpod plus, which i loved except for a few hitches. I sold it and replaced it with bank sticks and buzz bars, but I didn't really like the set up. What do people think of the quattro? Ethan
  5. Hi guys. Can anyone recommend me a good pod? I've tried using buzz bars and sold my pod (annoyingly) and i really cant abide them and would like another pod. Does anyone have any faves that they can point out? Maybe someone has a decent pod for sale? Thanks, Ethan
  6. I have a pair of 3 rod Badger stainless buzz bars and banksticks. Only used once so in perfect condition. Not flimsy rubbish and good locking mechanisms. Also, I have 3 solar hangers, all with blue flouro heads. They all have stainless ended chunky chains and stainless hockey stick components, not the cheap plastic hockey sticks. All in good condition. I will only sell as a set, as new would add up to £80. Will sell for £40. Ethan [ 19. August 2005, 07:01 PM: Message edited by: tbonejones ]
  7. Does anyone have an xpod plus or quattro pod they will be willing to sell? If so give me a PM. Thanks, Ethan
  8. My fish don't seem to have any objections
  9. I use it loads on my local water and it hardly ever lets me down. Had fish up to 21lb on it i believe. It's not only the source though, i think the dynamite range is excellent for variety and reliability. Top bait!!! Ethan
  10. How do i play online? I dont have an ip address to enter. Any ideas? Ethan
  11. H guys. not been on here for a while hehe. Just wondering if you have any advice of what bait to use this time of year in a small pond with lilly pads as the only feature. I'll be using three rods and staying for five days. Any ideas? Cheers
  12. Thought of 2 3/4 test curve mate?
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