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  1. Yea sure, i know i know, be thankful i`m catching...!! its just a bit annoying, where i was i literally mean i was casting in and half the time the float didnt even have chance to cock and i was onto one! Anyways...changed my tacktics today...2 nice big fat boilies on a hair stopped them annoying me today! .....yep carping...uppps wrong forum!!! Chris
  2. Hi guys, just a simple question. I`ve caught quite a few fish now and have spent many many hours on the banks in only the short space of time of which i have been fishing, yet i`ve still not had a perch! I remember a few years back when i was fishing, perch were amongst my most regular catch...yet not a single one so far. What could i do to try and target this fish or increase my chances of getting one? Any waters near Manchester area specifically to try, i`m not just looking for a major specimin (although it would be good), just to record a perch in my record of catches book!!! Thanks
  3. I have been recently fishing in a stocked fishery and as i have only one carp rod yet and I got a 2 rod pass i decided to chuck in my match rod with the waggler for a bit and see what i could pull out. I`ve been to the lodge before and know there are a few nice fish in there, roach, bream ect...but on this occasion i couldnt do anything to stop pulling out gudgeon. I was catching on every cast, each being about 5-10cm and i just couldnt stop them. I tried heavier feeding, ground bait, pellet. I was already fishing off the bottom but i tried to change my deapth and also add weight nearer the bo
  4. oh bog off with ur smugness!! ;-) lol
  5. WELL i have to agree, the only thing i have baught off my own back! U were right i dont need it! Uncomfortable compared to my £5 asda deck chair!!! Keeps my stuff absolutely lovely and neat but its such a weight and doesnt justify its comfort. Especially with me getting into the carping lark, lots of waiting!!! And after takin a look at other anglers kit, them carping holdall rucksacks with a nice tackle box inside look ideal, match that with a nice bed chair and i think that would suit me better!! Brilo Box For SALE £150 Good condition as i gave it a bit of a spring clea
  6. All Skimmers Kill Slugs Next word: CARP
  7. I got pics of them in the net but i`m not holding any ....hence the post a few days back about holding fish !!! They haven`t been massive, maybe worth a picture of me holding one as its my first carp but hardly monsters...YET
  8. Hey guys, i`m really getting into this carping now!! I`m loving it ! Went to Bradshaw on Wednesday and fished red and white maggots all day, roach, roach and a few more roach is what i caught. A fun day dont get me wrong and i wasnt geared up for carping that day anyway. Went on Thursday on the quiver for carp. Size 10 with 3 to 4 maggot on and not a bite for 2 hours. Decided to switch to the hair rig with two pineapple boilies 10mm and got a nice carp within 10 mins very happy. By now me and another angler who i was talkin to had been fishing for above 3 hours, he`d had nothing, not
  9. Hey guys, just got a hand full of these lures as i am interested in using lures in general! Basically i know a lodge near me with a few big pike in and wouldnt mind trying to take a few with them.....how would i go about it.....which rod ? ...how do you set the lure up...? how do you set the rig up...just that on the end of the mainline? ...also the add sais be creative and paint a few...how would u paint them? Chris
  10. I have a nice digi camera, but it has a 10 second timer maximum, you recon thats long enough to go pic up ur fish ect ? Probably is to be honest....wanna get more confident picking up my fish first... Chris
  11. Ok thanks guys. One more thing to add on the discussion of trophy shots, do all you guys have an accomplace to take ur shots?!? I go fishing on my own so i can only take the pics of the fish in my keep net or unhooking mat! Have any of you set up a self timer or similar ? Chris
  12. Surely with practice you can cast accurately with a rod and reel ?!?!? I have no mates that FISH never mind use a pole.....thats why i ask such trivial questions on here as you are the only guys i can turn to for advice! Chris
  13. Not huge mate, but since nearly every fish i`ve caught up to now i`ve been able to hold in one hand, the 5 i caught today where considerably bigger!!! I have never seen a fish that weighs 1lb or 5lb ect ect specifically so i dont know what a specific weight fish looks like so it seems difficult to guess! i would estimate 3-5lb, i have pics on my digital camera but the doc is at uni so i won`t get them until tomorrow. Maybe if i post you guys could give me ur estimates! Again like i say not massive , BUT i`m very happy that for the first time i went out to specifically fish for carp and ca
  14. Sounds a really silly question but i was so so confused today. Well i read carpworld and AT where everyone seems to be waving about huge carp but when i caught one today and wanted to hold it for a piccy i found it very very difficult and basically didnt even bother as i was worried about damaging it before someone explained. Again sounds pathetic, but it was really slimmey, now i have no probs with fish lol obviously but with it being such i weight i felt i couldnt get a grip to lift it up and support it properly. Also was worried if i did lift it and it wiggled it would slip from my grip
  15. I asked this in my first ever post but it wasnt the central question so got slightly ignored...but Why is everyone fishing with a pole! I went to Bradshaw lodges today to traget some carp..my first time carping. I sets up my hair rig setup and was off. Looking around me i noticed 2 others on my lodge both with poles...after watching for a while one was obviously targeting the smaller fish like bream and roach which i expected yet the other guy was fishing corn for carp with a pole! I didnt even know you could do that...he was specifically targeting the carp with a pole, strange contraption
  16. Been fishing now twice with jonah to a place called Roman Lakes, and on both occasions just at sun set, around 4:30-5 on the first session and 5-6 the second, just getting dark, the fish started going bollistic. I was catching every cast and reeling them in! If i get your point correctly, ur saying this is due to the fish knowing people throw their bait in last thing and the fish knowing it is safer!!!! My response (with little experince) would suggest this is almost definately not the case.....as 1) they were small fish so hardly had time to learn an act like that 2) Where we fish ap
  17. I got some maggots on Friday and they are ok today but i`d say 10% had turned to casters which i also used and got a couple of fish on. Anyways....that info is all in the link above. The reason i post is to ask a question relating the the maggot question. Its to do with Maise or sawdust.....do you lot use it. The bait shop always asks if i want maise and i never know what to say! Whats it for and what does it do ? Chris
  18. Hi guys, I have just got all my carp stuff together and i`m all set up ready to head off on my first true carp sesion on Saturday...checked a website on my intended venue Bradshaw fisheries and noticed no boilies allowed. As its my first time after carp i`m want somewhere where i can use boilies....... Anywhere know anywhere pretty heavily stocked (as i want a good chance of a catch as its my first time) in Manchester area.....preferably North Manchester - bury, bolton...but i am prepared to travel! Chris
  19. 1£ shop....have a look in the tuperware section...i went in a few weeks ago for some boxes for tackle and they have all sizes....go look.
  20. Hi mate, i`m in a similar situation and just setting up but have been practicing making the hair rig as mentioned above. I would agree with Cesh and buy a ready made rig so you can see what your aiming for, but as for using them for any length of time, i`d just practice making your own and u`ll soon get it. As i say i`m completely new to fishing and just starting carping, and Kev (common 40) had me making hair rigs within minutes! Then its down to practice! and now mine are lookin pretty good. Don`t profes to know a lot lol, i aint caught on one yet! that`ll test my skills in tying! Chris
  21. When me and Jonahs were out on Wednesday we saw all 4 seasons, Snow, Sleet, Rain, Sun, Wind, Calm it was crazy. Anyway, thanks guys, whats up with doing an all nighter, why do you say """be careful if thinking of doing a night this time of year can be dangerous. cheers big al """" ??? I will have a look whats on offer and take all you adive, Chris
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