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  1. I never worried about the bag ( don't know where mine are!) as the rods were always in use so invariably kept set up.
  2. Hi Dan I have two of these rods (an 11-6 and a 12ft twin tip version) although mine are rather old and I they have been such a tremendous buy. The Daiwa blanks have a good-all through- forgiving bend but plenty of power. I have used them for all types of fishing and cannot fault them. Have a good time with them. cheers Alan
  3. Mixture of hook pulls and the pesky lilies. Those tench there really fight well. Only could get the bites close to the lilies or reeds. didn't want to know in open water.
  4. Sorry Dunk'I'll give you some more mental torture. I had two day sessions last week on the KAPS stretch of the Beult at Yalding and ended up with a dozen tench between 4-6 lb along with the customary large roach etc. The haul would have been double had I not lost a load.
  5. And don't forget your insect spray etc.
  6. For info, I hope to be down there before you other guys arrive ready to provide with a welcoming cuppa. I also said to Steve that, if you guys want, i'm happy to provide welcoming bacon sarny but you will all probably be too anxious to get to your swims to worry about such things. By the way, tea and sarnies would be free. Meatballs
  7. Hi Anthony It was in the silt. depth was fairly uniform so no real decernable slope. I did try the gravel and the slopes but got nothingas most fish seemed to be using the channels between the gravel bars. As said before though each swim is so differant. meatballs
  8. I've never fished there but suggest you might canvas the local tackle shops. They should know about the ponds and might also know people who fish them meatballs
  9. I've fished wingham a few times now and here are my hints. First comment would be to match your tactics to the swim you are fishing. Some will be better suited to close range and others to long. Equally some will be more likely to produce certain species than others. For example my swim last year had not been previously noted for it's perch and so it showed. Last year, I had a fairly even gully in front and fished a couple of rods at 40/50 yards on red maggot, in-line feeders and a small pva bag of red deads attached to the hook. This gave me three of the four tench including the
  10. Since the Autumn, I have been using Ultima power plus as hooklink (and now also as mainline) in all strains from 4lb up to 15lb and found it to be fine. I am also using Pallatrax Steamlink and found that to be excellant. Unfortunately it doesn't come in lower strength than 15lb
  11. I will be trying my hardest to winkle out just one bream and that 10 pound tench from Wingham. Above all, whatever I do, I will endeavour to just enjoy.
  12. Steve Like Lynn, you might find that some won't be able more than 2 days and that might just open up the chance for someone to fish one night. (Rob only made it for one last year and the jammy so and so had a Bream out!). That said it will increase the amount of admin and running around. I have booked at least the Friday off beforehand anyway to help you set things up so let us discuss separately whether you want more help earlier in that week. Meatballs
  13. Hi Andy I agree with Lyn about asking your local tackle shop. always nice to have the feel of a rod first as well. As to the type well I am not one to try to double up and find one rod to do both float and ledger/feeder. I think the actions and the type of work they do are sufficiently differant to warrant two rods. I agree about twin tips though for ledger. As to make, all down to personal preference I have always found the Daiwa rods to be excellant and I still use them every trip (lake or river) even though they are up to 20 yrs old. I think you can still get them for less tha
  14. Are we sure that it is a genuine Angler as opposed to an anti pretending to be one. Easiest thing in the world to show how barbaric fishing is. Has anyone mailed the said Jiggerman suggesting he might wish to be more discerning with his photos?. Meatballs
  15. I note you don't mention anything about how the session went. Do I take it that nothing was caught or is the jibe at Elton a bit of jealousy because he caught and you didn't?
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