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  1. Just heard from Guy - 25lb Shore tope first thing this morning!! I think he's chuffed!
  2. Cheers norrie. Was good to get into some decent fish.
  3. Myself, Guy(guyfulla) and Gordon, left home saruday morning, via Seewoo and Clydebank or some bait, where we bumped into Bmac. (hope your match goes well in arbroath today billy). After that it as off to feather some fresh mackerel. Which was done in jig time. That was the bait situation completely sorted - Now we were off to do some proper fishing. We arrived at our chosen destination to find a mark offering some shelter for our afternoon session The afternoon session went well with some mini speies keeping us amused with plenty of whiting, codling, grey gurnards, and a SS sea scorpion an
  4. dreadful indeed. I'm guessing they'll be in loch X at some pont during the week. you'll be looking forward to next weekend then?
  5. either way norrie, i dont think it will make any difference. the fishign will be crap! Did you hear the Apollo Longliner docked in at troon last night with a west coast haul and is heading back to the same area or more of the same after what the crew described as a " very good trip" :( apparently it had tonnes upon tonnes of spurs and thornies with three commons, one of which was tagged. very grim indeed
  6. Well done snatcher - worth the wait? they dont half go - very special fishing!
  7. caught a few of them years ago while holidyaing in devon. one of my targets this year is to get one in scottish waters!
  8. --> QUOTE(Norm B @ Apr 20 2007, 06:52 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> --><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(Norm B @ Apr 18 2007, 05:23 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}></div><div class='quotemain'><!--quotec--> If you'd like to abbreviate your report and choose a couple of pictures I'll make an article out of it for the benefit of those that don't have the internet. Your report is in the May edition of the SAN, it reads very well. Subscribers and shops should have it by Saturday 28th of April. Thanks Norm, hope your readers enjoy the read even half as much as I enjoy
  9. yeah the chilli sauce trick was well funny, almost on a par with last weeks colmans englis mustard - yummy!
  10. Day 1 Headed up to Lochaline on the early hours of thursday morning, myself and Gordon in my car, Guy, Tommy and Graham headed up in Guy's car. The day dawned beautifully with my aspirations of popping my cherry, I was excited to say the least. We arrived at the digs in the Ardtornish estate arpoutn 8am and greeted Ian and Spike at their breakfast. Bags were un packed and we were at the slip waiting by half eight. As the Boats only carry four anglers, guy otped out of day 1. So Myself, Gordon, Graham and Tommy headed out on Spikes boat Go West to the Firth of Lorne in search of commons.
  11. Twas a great weekend! think I'm gonna have some nightmares - the beast of lochaline
  12. No reason why we cant barbeque both nights, so long as no one minds their burgers and steaks being kept with the bait??? would the sweep apply to us land lubbers?
  13. Just a thought ...... but has anyone warned the hotel or club bars or the necessary quantities of liquid refreshment necessary for this weekend? Nothing puts a dampener on a good night like a dry bar!!!! Not long now!
  14. Alright here goes: 1. penn 525 mag 2. my other 525 mag 3. abu mag elite 4. penn 535 5. century CME rod 6. conoflex highlander 7. penn sidewinder 8. rechargable headlamp 9. shimano tyrnos 30 reel 10. 6lb class shimano beastmaster rod (tope rod)
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