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  1. Hi all, ive wanted to try a few new rigs tactics and baits lately and im trying new baits and tactics i just need to no a few rigs so i was wondering, whats your favourite rig? alll help appreciated Tight Lines Jay
  2. Hi all, ive wanted to try a few new rigs tactics and baits lately and im trying new baits and tactics i just need to no a few rigs so i was wondering, whats your favourite rig? alll help appreciated Tight Lines jay
  3. GREAT article elton that will be very handy thanks for that... im of to get the ingreadients tommorow morning woohoo. Cheers!
  4. on a local lake near me its rare to see a twenty pound carp come out and even more so for a 30 to come out but i hooked one of the 30's last year on a pop up on the surface 12lb mainline i had and size 6 hook and 15 lb braid so the chances looked good of me catching it right? wrong. it steamed of into the lillies almost 40 yards away and snapped me of in the lillies i reeled in checked my clutch and i could barely pull it out myself so this fish had some immense power! but i do see it quite often its just getting it to take the bait its very spooky
  5. hi all, been out on my new boat a few times now and i love it! its very reliable and fast! ive caught over 100 mackeral ,most of which were put back as im big into the catch and release scene, 8 dogfish, 1 smoothound and about 30 bass none of there fish were of any sizes as we are after a few of the smaller fish at the moment just to get use to it we are going out by a mark called dean tail soon we have been there before (which is were i had the dogfish and smoothound) and we will try for a few bigger fish. there has only been one minor disaster if any1 owns a boat or anything around the e
  6. hi all, im hoping to try somthing new to maybe increase my chances of catching a few more fish im fishing quite pressured waters ranging from silt to gravel and was hopin to try a new bait. the first thing that crossed my mind was particle baits but i dont no how expensive they are and i dont no wat i need for the job can you help me on that? and also what other baits apart from boilies and pellet have you had much succsess on or maybe theres a new type of boilie that you would reccomend? all help appreciated tight lines, jay
  7. haha it was soo cold tho and yer both of them were on your rod lmao
  8. thanks guys she was and is very special to me thanks for replying jay
  9. Hi all, Im not sure whether i have mentioned her before but my nan was the most loving person in the world if there was a worm on the floor she would move it, if there was snails in her garden she would put them all in bags and take them to the forest and througout her life she had 4 dogs. she would come down to the local fishing lake in thundering conditions in winter and in boiling hot temperatures in summer to bring me over a bacon and egg roll and a drink to keep me going. she witnessed my first carp and inspired me every time i went fishing and to top all that off she got married 2 d
  10. hi all, at the moment its in a boat yard (only a small club owned one) so we cant travell far because we have to use the clubs trailer, but we are looking for a trailer could anybody help me on that? and also were not off boat fishing this weekend because my nan has sadly passed away on the 7.4.08 after a four year long battle with cancer and the funeral will be on the monday and as most shops are shut saturday and i have school tommorow saturday will be my only chance to get a nice new suit. for all you who dont no (the majority off you) she wasa the only person to witness my first ever carp
  11. Hi all, on the 19th of april my dad bought me my first boat! its a 20ft fishing boat i dont no much about it at the moment but i do no it has a cooker, fridge, toilet, 50hp engine, fish finder/gps, 2 beds, 2 life jackets, 4 rod holders and a radio. hopefully me and my dad are gonna go this weekend fishing on it ( so watch on the news for the shipwrecked boat ) but i dont no nothing or nowhere to go! we dont want to go out far as it is our first but we would like to no if any anglers that go out from portsmouth no of any good spots? and wat tackle and bait would i use? all help would be greatly
  12. alright josh, were you the guy taking pictures of that bloke with the pole? if you were i was the boy on the next swim over closer to the boat house only had 4 bream that day but it was a great day. huge carp under the boat house :@ comin down again at the end of may to fish off a boat in the jungle .
  13. hi all, I no its abit short notice but tommorow im going to the ledgendary bury hill fisheries. im hopefully going to be using my favourite method which is fishing the surface with bread flake but need to no how i can approach this? it ses on the website that you are only permitted to fish on swims/pegs provided but also ses on its map there are no swims in the jungle part of the old bury hill lake but you can fish there? so that confused me. also any tips and help would be appriciated as it is my first time there . tight lines, jay
  14. Hi all, im just wondering weather its worth having a little fish for the tench and bream on thursday? the weather has been nice for a few weeks now and the water is a little warmer then what it was before. im fishing a lake which is fished for carp allot of the time its not a carp lake but there is a few whackers in there. i fished this lake all spring sumer and autumn last year and im not a big fan of the rain so i tend to lay off a bit in the winter there is definatly lots of tench and bream in there bloody things all you catch when your fishing for carp which is why i think the met
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