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  1. When i was younger i had a simple fish tank set up with a few goldfish in. It was no problem at all, there was no filteration system though as i had no clue how to run a proper tank, however the goldfish were thriving. On a number of occasions though, i fished at a friends grandads small reservoir and caught a few small roach which i though would be fine, however they died in no time at all once put in the tank. This thread has given me an idea though. I was thinking about having tropical fish and making sure i have the correct set up and knowledge. I now know how to cycle the tank to make s
  2. Well its all well and good saying that, but i cant remember saying i was a fan of football myself, so that arguement has just finished in my view. Although, what i will say, is that when you concider the ammount of money these high end players are earning for their club and other business people, it most likely equates in the end. Luckily for them it leaves them with a lot of disposable income. When Ronaldo says he feels like a slave (citation needed ), then i know what he means, the ammount of wealth he earns for other people, does not really correspond to the ammount he himself earns, alth
  3. Corydoras, for your information i am a northerner, from Lancashire, a town called Darwen between Bolton and Blackburn and i would like you to tall me exactly what makes Liverpool stand out from other cities in the world, i bet you cannot do this without mentioning the Beetles or Lowry, who painted stick men and probably isn't that well known out of Britain. As for the Liverpool football team, thats about as liverpudlian as the spanish armada now isn't it? And to bonefish, i think you'd have problems nicking that great lump of metal, it's going to take a 30 tonne crane to shift it, so unles
  4. oh my word, the **** just continues, Lilly Allen: in the music business no doubt due to the fact that her father was in t.v and has certain contacts. Elton john: who to give him his dues, has wrote some good tracks in his time but still expects people to pay 3 million for a guest appearance at a wedding party, and then there's Mark Ronson, who decided that buying people out of their original tracks which were already big hits at some time or another and changin them to be modernised, was a way to earn easy cash, i hope they all snuff it from sniffing.
  5. 1.8 million? The money wasting capacity of councils and government is pretty phenominal these days. They could have put this to much better use, but no, instead there giving it this "Capital of Culture" schpeel. liverpool is not a capital of culture at all. What exactly is cultural about Liverpool? O.k, so they've done it up a bit, but there still is no culture there that makes it stand out from other cities in terms of how people live their lives e.t.c. I feel sorry for the liverpudlians who fall for this tripe and don't realise that their tax's are being stolen to create something which aims
  6. From year to year the ammount of heart attacks suffered is bound to flux, like other things, such as the ammount of beer i may consume, or **** i may talk. These changes are for no particular reason, it just means that on the whole, people in Wales were luckier than the year before . Some people do love to latch on to these nonsense figures but they are highly likely to be politicians or The Sun newspaper readers with about as much sense as **** badgers. I say forget the figures and live your lives, they won't change it for you. Btw, i dont smoke and yet i'm not bleating on at people saying,
  7. From now on i think i'm going to get rid of the iron bar and keep a ledger rig under my pillow , for when the baddies come
  8. I'm sensing that the shop had a few too many maggots and needed to get a shift of them
  9. maxaldo


    But how did u fit 2 sections of a pole into your freezer?
  10. Nah, it may have been visible from earth in spring 2003, maybe by telescope though, not by naked eye. Am not too sure on this though, other people are saying it will be visible from earth in 2009. Iv'e looked at the NASA website and it says nothing about the "imminent threat" of this planet. Although they do state that it is a 10th planet they never knew about in out solar system untill very recently, thats pretty strange when you concider that its been here all the time, does this npot mean it is getting closer to us?
  11. I have just been looking at all the videos on youtube about this planet x or Nibiru which is apparently going to "end the world and civilisation as we know it". Basically thousands of years ago the Mayans predicted that the orbit of a very large planet the size of jupiter, would come too close to earth on its journey, thus creating to much gravitational pull, ending in a loss of around 90 percent of the worlds inhabitants and therefore having to begin civilisation as we know it. This planet apparently has an orbit which takes up to 3600 years to fully complete and so this will have happened ev
  12. Lets face it, we give teenagers ear bashings for being pains in the ass and being "anti-social", and then say, its because there's nothing to do. Take these kids to a local commercial fishery and show them what's being pulled out and how and they'd take up a days fishing on one of these places in a snap. So surely, giving them ear bashings for enjoying fishing commercials and catching big fish is a complete waste of everyones time. At the end of the day there are other kids who are terrorising neighbourhoods with no aspirations or a feeling of social postion (probably due to the state of run d
  13. I like how they were on already on standby with the covers
  14. They could have them for fly fishing surely. But have one competition for weight and one for number of fish caught, lets face it, the only people who could complain about this way of approaching it would be the people competing and if they didn't like it, they could bloody well **** off Coarse fishing would be a different matter altogether, that is based more on luck at times than anything else, for instance i can remember paying to fish at some places, hardly any tackle and having to share a landing net with my mate on the next peg but still hammering the swim, whereas some poor soul across
  15. [if you are getting takes but having problems hooking them then you may be striking too quickly. Wait a couple of seconds for the fish to turn down with the fly in its mouth and then just lift into it. No need to strike violently. Good luck I'm getting takes, btut the are finicky and half assed. One day last week i had a full day of it, i must have had about 8 bites all day butjust couldn't get into them. A few times i felt the fish on for a second or so, but it still managed to free itself in no time at all, also upon inspecting my hook to see if it was blunt, mangled or none exista
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