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  1. you got it spot on with those pics m8 cant wait to get my own pics soon when i get out there fishing next week
  2. oh yeah i see the php, hm weird i seen somethin to do with cgi earlier. ugh post nuke a terrible creation same with its older brother phpnuke both should burn in hell theres loads of other types of databases these apps are starting to use, for example phpbb which is just a kick ass forum uses. msaccess, mssql, odbc, mysql(3 and 4) postgres7 not alot goes wrong with mysql unless you are doing it through command lines and the likes it gets realy messy which is why someone invented an app called phpmyadmin which is amazing for administrating mysql. would be nice to see your front page interact more with ubb though like pull its news from it and use its user database like most 3rd party portals i have made for phpbb, news/content/download upload managers/games+scoreboards/ the limit is endless if you have a strong modable forum to start with
  3. some friendly advise would be to look into php & sql database applications preferribly mysql but alot of todays website apps such as vbb/phpbb/and others can use multiple databases. cgi in my opinion is slow and clumsy. php is much more versatile and easy to use. another thing this groupee ? i never found much info on it but i asume its a sort of portal or cms(content managment system) there are tons out there to choose from with great forums and advanced features all of which would be useful for this site i could recomend a few but id suggest you have a look at this website: http://www.opensourcecms.com/ its a great site where you can try out all the features of the apps as though you had them on your site and as admin what ever you do please dont think about phpnuke or you will regret it the rest of your life [ 26. July 2005, 02:03 PM: Message edited by: Andy_1984 ]
  4. aye dont get me wrong site is kick arse i love it. im just a web nut
  5. omg a thread about websites i could go on all day now, ok first of all im not a big fan of this type of forum, i think i noticed it was writen in cgi buti still like it ya know and i have noticed it a little bit faster than before you moved to a better server. also the problem with registration i had which you sorted out in a jiffy thanks all in all im satisfied if you are interested in sprucing things up around here i would be more than happy to help im pretty skilled in creating content managment things that intergrate with phpbb (a better forum) also stand alone apps like news on front page and all sorts of things you can check my site here http://projectpulse.dreadlabs.com that front page there intergrates with my forum i can pull posts from one section and have it displayed as news with comments n all its prety good still got more to come now i have ranted yes if you want anything you got it, ill work for free cause ill be coming here an awful lot for help aswel as im just starting fishing [ 25. July 2005, 07:39 PM: Message edited by: Andy_1984 ]
  6. your probably right 3doorsdown ill start with float and work my way up eventualy. thanks all for the support
  7. thanks guys so yes i think i will probably be going for float fishing ive been reading more and more about it and i think it suits my needs more but i never imagined you would need such a big rod to do this. i have been reading this site and i think its the best option for me to start with http://www.coarsefish.net/float.htm damn 12ft seems donting at first and practacing on my canal will be sorta hard as its not very wide but im sure further up the forth & clyde is much larger. also would a float rod be suitable to try out spinning ? i also like the look of this fishing moethod
  8. when i have the extra cash one of these will be mine. my nephew sat on it in the store and said it was so cumfy he could have gone to sleep (hes 5) Orvis Day Tripper Float Tube *OR0644* With greater buoyancy and less on the water surface area, this float tube can take anyone anywhere faster. By delivering air in to PVC bladders on both up and downstroke, the double action pump makes inflation and set-up time a mere five minutes. Collapsig and transporting your tube is no longer a chore. Fully equipped with plenty of tackle storage on deck and comfortable foam seat, the DAy Tripper is set for an all day pond or lake assault. Packs into a handy backpack. Pontoons are 14" in diameter. Accomodates up to 350lbs. Priced at: £208.51 (Excluding: VAT at 17.5%) [ 25. July 2005, 01:53 PM: Message edited by: Andy_1984 ]
  9. tony i thought there was somthing.. dare i say it "Fishy" about that site looks same as glasgow angling centers. im trying to get my self clued up as much as i can before i go speaking to these professionals, not that you guys arent but im trusting these guys with my £100
  10. tony i would preffer to go to my local tackle shop (glasgow angling center) but that store does have some good deals there. j.k thanks ill keep those in mind. keep them coming please i thought anything over 8ft would be a little to big for me atm. i had the measuring tape out earlier and 8ft seems about right, but what do i know.
  11. hmm i think i might have made a mistake with the float thing, float fishing is from a boat or wading ? i got it wrong sorry i dont realy know what it all is yet but what i want to do is sit on the edge of a river lake,loch,pond, canal with the little float thing goin under to tell me i got a bite. but after i have become more dvanced at fishing id still like to use my rig i bought and do somthing diffrent like maybe take a little boat out on the loch finding it hard to wrap my head around all this [ 25. July 2005, 01:19 PM: Message edited by: Andy_1984 ]
  12. Gyrn Castle North Wales Coast and Borderlands At Llanasa, Holywell, Flintshire, off A55. Tel. 01745 853500 for appointment to view. Built 18th and 19th centuries. Large picture gallery, panelled entrance hall. Woodland walks. hope this is it, a quik google query brought this back
  13. may aswel get a coffee cause theres some reading involved: hello there i have been coming to this forum for a day or 2 now and found the search function to be realy useful in my quest to get into the sport. now i dont yet know all the terms used and technical stuff so your probably going to have to tell it to me in a langauge i can understand. i used to do a little bit of fishing when i was a lot younger down at the david livingstone memorial in Blantyre never caught anything except weeds. ok so lets get down to busines. the sort of fishing i want to do is with a float ya know spinning rod & reel flot bobs up n down that sort of thing but as im wanting to seriously get into the sport im not gonna sit on some crapy river and hope for the best im thinking of going to places like lochs large calm rivers ponds and canals im not fussy what fish i catch as long as its not pike, heres a rough idea of what im after http://www.fishcoarse.co.uk/pages/otherspe...om=FishScotland i live in cowcaddens in glasgow and i live right next to the forth & clyde canal(port dundas which is currently getting a new look and they are linking it to another part of the canal where it was broke off) its a 5 min walk and even better i have the glasgow angling center 15 minute walk away so now i know what im after the hard part comes, what to get and how to use it. i have been searching these forums and other sites to give me a rough idea of what to get so that i dont go into the store and get laughed at for buying a kids rig or somthin. all i have come up with is rod and reel the rest i have no idea what to get, here are my choices of rod & reel Rod: Ron thompson hard core spin (7 or 8 ft or should i go larger keep in mind im not only going to fish canals) http://www.fishingmegastore.com/acatalog/O...hompson_32.html Reel: Okuma interceptor http://www.fishingmegastore.com/acatalog/O...e_Okuma_58.html im not to sure if this suits my needs but im also willing to get any other reel on the above page then the rest is a blur, i know i need hooks weights and all that but what exactly do i need, hook size weight size all that tech stuff ? i have a £100 budget to get me started p.s im 20 years old if thats any use
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