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  1. A new book just about to be issued from Pesda Press called @Sit on Top Kayak' looks like a very sensible purchase especially for those fairly new to the game: http://www.ukriversguidebook.co.uk/forum/v...pic.php?t=30302 and a short excerpt from some of the pages: http://pesdapress.com/pdfs/Sit-on-top_62-67.pdf
  2. Hi, the changes that are taking place to the BCU one and two star tests also include SOT's (as per the following link - http://www.bcu.org.uk/bcu/CoachingItemPDFs%5Cupload_1190.pdf ) however, the new system does not start until 1st September 2007. Best bet is to talk to a local kayak shop who will be able to point you in the right direction. Rog.
  3. As usual, I think this is getting a bit over sensationalised by the press... Yes, I agree, what were they doing going out in storm force offshore winds on almost spring tides and especially with a 12 year old.... completely bonkers however, on the other hand the boat that they have shown isn't a 4ft toy boat fit only for ponds, it is a 6 ft high tech white water 'play' boat that can cope with serious white water conditions on river and surfing ... http://www.kayaksandpaddles.co.uk/canoe/ka...ger-g-force.htm ... although clearly not the weather and conditions that we had on Sunday !
  4. If you join the BCU then they automatically include Public Liability for £5m. you can also get discounts from certain stores. Membership costs £30.60. http://www.canoe-england.org.uk/canoeeng/2...embership-.aspx
  5. When this happens to me use a drogue which I run out from the oposite end of the kayak from the anchor. It only needs to be 8 feet of line with a big knot in the end or a tea towel/rag tied to the end. This will then stream off in the tide run and will help to pull the kayak to align into the tide rather than the wind. Rog.
  6. It's all good advise and, as usual, anything that increases safety at sea is a good idea. It is worth noting that the BCU (British Canoe Union) are changing their 'Star' Certification in the near future so that the 1 Star incorporates 'Sit on-tops'. This course will therefore include rescues of various types as well as paddle strokes and safety gear. It would be well worth doing the course as I remeber feeling that I knew the basics before the course but came away afterwards having learned quite a lot of new stuff. It is much better to learn correctly from the start and then you can build
  7. Hey Mark, steady on there!!!!!... Before you start putting in you ha'penny worth. The yak wasn't mine. If you look at what I have it is a Tungsten Caper (bluey green) not an orange one. Just thought that as they are £450 new without all the gear it may be a bargain to someone out there. Was tempted to buy it myself and then resell in the summer to make a bit of cash but could'nt be bothered to drive to Frinton to collect it this close to Christmas.
  8. Anyone looking for new boat...may be worth a shot. Less than a day to go so best be quick... http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/OCEAN-KAYAK-CAPER-SI...1QQcmdZViewItem
  9. Yup ! 101% with you on that one Martin... Rog.
  10. Martin, I quote from the same article that you did...."Whitetip sharks have been known to be quite aggressive but blue sharks are not normally considered to be dangerous". Whatever, the video smacks of sensationalism which is a huge shame. Blue sharks are actually one of the most beautiful of sharks. They travel massive distances with graceful ease and tend to eat squid and fish. What a shame it would be if even one person got the wrong idea about them because of the video.
  11. Quote..."this deadly maneater".......... Since when have blue sharks been maneaters? I don't think there has ever been a report of a Blue Shark attacking a human. Typical 'shark phobia' that causes people to fear sharks instead of respecting and admiring them. The only good thing was that at least the guy had the good sense to let it go.
  12. easyrog


    I fish the Thames and the Blackwater and almost always uptide fish (wasn't it first invented around here by John Rawle specifically for the sand banks and mud flats off Bradwell????). Always works brilliantly. Means that you can use a lighter lead weight and utilise the belly of line in the tide to get the breakaway to dig in and hold. Any decent fish will pull the gripper out and trundle off down tide. Rog.
  13. Hi Kev, just did a great big reply and then comuter had a hiccup and lost it all......mmmm Anyway, can't make Saturday as girlfried works so i have the kids. I did go into some detail about fishing from Bradwell but i then checked the Met Office site and saw that they are forcasting westerly winds of 20mph which would make it quite uncomfortable (last time i fished there there were 20 mph easterlies and the swell was up to 5ft when the tide turned...not something i would recommend.. Closest place to Shoeburyness to put in at around 4 hours before high water is probably Thorpe Bay by the
  14. On sit-inside kayaks, one of the ways to re-enter a boat is to go round to the bow or stern, grab either side of the boat and haul yourself back on that way. Stability is much better than trying to get on from the side...
  15. Hi there Cracker, I Live in Leigh-on-Sea and have been kayak fishing for a couple of years. Difficult to know where to start really. Obviously you really need to have all the correct gear especially if you intend to go out at this time of year. I Normally fish in the Blackwater as this seems good in Summer and Winter and provides some degree of protection from the worst of the wind and waves although like most of the coast you do have to watch out for the tides as they can run through at a fair old pace (therefore avoid fishing the Crouch anywhere past Burnham as the outgoing tide is like
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