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  1. First of all, a big Thank you to Steve for giving me a place at the fish in and in my favourite swim . I have to say that I have really missed Wingham. Every year it takes a huge effort by a lot of people to prepare Wingham for the fish in. It speaks volumes for the dedication of all the team at |Wingham and the unbelievable support from their family members and friends with a special mention to Glyn, Terry and the Broombridge clan. Having travelled down in the very early hours of Saturday morning it wasn't long before Mr Korum a.k.a Steve Campbell appeared and was soon into his culinary mode producing a superb sausage butty which was really welcome. Whilst on the subject of culinary delights, I still do not know how Peggy manages to produce such a superb barbie every year so you have my total respect and sincere thanks. If I ask Steve,do you think that he will be able to give me some pointers that will enable me to test the water with my other half to do something similar. It was good to see that the auction was again well supported with the proceeds going to a very worthy cause coupled with a nice bit of banter. I have noted a comment in a previous post and I have to say that it is very unusual for me to wave my rod around in public but in this case it was in a good cause. Turning to the fishing, the swim was fairly exposed to the wind so the bivvy had to be placed just right for maximum protection but also enabling a good view of the lake in front of the swim. I have fished this swim many times so started out with my traditional snowman rigs on 2 roda and a maggot feeder on the third rod. these were switched around in numerous ares of the swim but the only sign on Saturday through to Sunday morning was a slight drop back. Sunday turned out to be a totally different day with the wind dropping and being considerably warmer and with nothing happening in the early morning I decided to do a bit of swim searching with a castable sonar. 30 to 50 yards in front there was a wide are that varied between 6 to 8 feet so I decided to change tactic and fish pellets on 2 rods but maintain maggots on the other.In the hour or so before I left to go to the barbie, maggots and pellet were spombed into the areas I intended to fish and lthe swim left to settle down. Later that day after the barbie 2 rods were set up with banjo feeders filled with a mixture of 2 and 4 mill pellet with a 6mm pellet as hook bait and dropped onto the pre baited areas. Steve dropped by later in the afternoon and mentioned that Tench had recently been caught between 8 and 10 pm. Clairvoyant or what because at virtually 8 pm the middle rod went off resulting in a nce male Tench weighing 6lb 2oz. This was immediately unhooked and returned and the rod re bated and cast out. At about 8-15 the rght hand rod went off but what was on end felt quite a bit bigger and angry. This fish faught like a demon and somehow got entangle around the line on the middle rod. After a bit of hassle the fish which was another male was netted unhooked and weghed at 7lb 3oz. It was a superb fish with huge paddles but with a hell of a mess to sort out and getting darker it was straight back into the lake.After a lot of fiddling and cutting of line the two rods were re set up and baits back in the water but nothing further happened. Monday morning showed the wind had risen again and although it was nowhere as bad as Saturday I decided to call it a day around 11am and started to pack up before the barbie. For me, I always enjoy being at Wingham and was very pleased to get a couple of fish in the prevailing conditions. It was also good to catch up with old friends so Thank you to everyone for a very enjoyable weekend
  2. Same here. I have paid by DD for a few years but cancelled it this year to change from two licences to the new 3 rod licence. Have got an email from the government web site giving all the neccessary information i.e. confirmation of payment and the new licence number however I am led to believe that there is a printing issue so do not know when the licence proper will be available. so I will just utilise a copy of the email on my phone until it is sorted.
  3. A bit off subject but for the last couple of years the time I have spent fishing has been very limited which in turn made me change the way I fish as it is all short sessions.apart from a holiday every year to a stunning little fishery in Devon where I started to experiment again using swing tips albeit for good sized Carp. Anyway the point is that I had forgotten how good and exciting this method was so I started to look around for a pair of dedicated tip rods for general fishing but capable of handling decent fish such as Tench and Chub. I had decided that what I wanted would be no more than 10 feet long but could not find anything existing in the market at the time. I also looked for suitable blanks to build my own and also whether any of my existing rods could be modified. To cut a long story short I came accross the Shakespeare Sigma specialist range which have a threaded end ring and although very cheap appeared to fit the bill and at at £25 a rod would not be a disaster if they were no good. A pair of 10 Foot specialists were ordered and they turned out to be ridiculous value for money to such a degree that I ordered a further pair of the 11 foot versions as well. I would have been hard pushed to rebuild a handle at what was the price of a rod and In practice they have proved to be excellent, handling fish from small up to low doubles with a nice progressive action. These have been mainly been coupled up with Preston Banjo feeders and pellets which has proved to be a very effective combination. I must confess to be a fan of Preston /Korum/Drennan products as they virtually cover every situation you may come up against. A 13 foot 1.5lb rod I think may prove to be difficult to find unless it was purpose built but like Andrew and others have said there is a huge amount of end tackle available that is designed for all types of fishing. Get back into it John and enjoy it. Tackle is personal and what suits one does not suit another. All that matters is that it suits you.
  4. Sorry for the delay but when I first tried to post the site was down and then my computer decided it was going to misbehave. With Steve having told me that he was putting me in my favourite Wingham swim I was elated however, when I got there I found that I had put the wrong rods in the trailer so plan A quickly went to plan Z. Fortunately Richard Capper was in the next swim and kindly loaned me one of his rods. The plan was to fish over a bed of red maggots but no matter how many times I changed rigs it only resulted in single beeps on the alarms accompanied by sucked maggots. I have experienced this type of activity on previous occasions in the same swim and my personal belief is that the cause is Roach. Anyhow, with the weather being all over the place it was rather difficult but I always enjoy the fish ins and seeing old and new faces. As always thanks to Steve for letting me fish, Peggy for the much appreciated nourishment and everyone who has put in a huge effort to make the fish in possible. The Bailiffs do a tremendous job and it was good to see that the auction was a success. It was also great to catch up with some of the old specimen group members. Finally, well done to all those who caught.
  5. Found another bit of kit to bring down. Its a Wychwood boat bag. They are a cracking bit of kit, well made and totally waterproof with several internal fold down pockets but as I have got two, one can go. Cannot post a picture as I am going to be out for the next few hours but I am sure it will find a good home. As with my other items without reserve.
  6. Steve, the bottom of the near shelf in the entrance to the bay may worth a try. Last time I fished the point I spent some time casting around the bay with a fish finder as I was interested in giving the bay a go for Bream at some stage and found fish virtually under the rod tip. Put a bait down there and it was off within minutes. I also think that I may possibly have missed a big chance but I will tell you about that when I see you
  7. I hope that Dales is fishing opposite because the bombardment is like the opening scene from Gladiator. With a few pyrotechnics it would be spectacular
  8. Alas the boilie is no more.and unfortunately I have no Wingham water to wash one out and prepare another one. To clarify the colour of the boilie it was an orange 10mm topped with a white 10mm pop up to form a little snowman rig . I think on this occasion using a feeder with maggots and worm will probably be as good as anything but I will have a few alternatives just in case. If all else fails I will have to get on my hands and knees to Anderoo to beg for a small offering from his extremely heavy bait bag.
  9. Steve, I have sent you the pictures of the box and bag. Let me know if you have any issues
  10. Excellent advice from Rich apart from one thing. The worst thing in the world at 3 am is having a run especially if you have not got much on.
  11. Primarily red maggots for me but I will have one rod out with .MARUKYU credence corn. First used this on my limited fishing trips last year and had some excellent results with it. Plastic with a difference. OH and a couple of pints of casters
  12. Having a nose round in the shed today I came across a JRC box come bag come seat come bivvy table which I dismantled and put away a few years ago as I had got 2 and they were taking up too much room. It is hardly used and in excellent condition. Made from aluminium and Steel it is quite light, capacious and a very versatile bit of kit. Anyway I have fully reassembled it and also found a little bag that I bought as a river roving bag. These will be put up with no reserve. I have tried to upload a few pictures which are bog standard jpegs of under 70KB but unfortunately I keep getting a message stating the server returned an error during upload. If I find anything else I will bring it along.
  13. Just looked at the long range forecast as far as one can and have unretired the old Sundridge Igloo suit as at this time of the year parts of the far bank can be chilly once the sun (if it is out) passes over overhead. Like Steve I have several spare long banksticks amongst many other items of tackle but unfortunately no long bobbins. If anyone is short of anything shout up and I will see if I can help. Unfortunately I no longer have a spare bivvy and bed chair.
  14. Just got back home after a week away so absolutely delighted to get a place. Thanks Steve, really looking forward to the fish in.
  15. If you are moving to Uttoxeter then the best local club would be the DVAA see link below which has some excellent stretches on the Dove which are close to Uttoxeter. If you want to move a bit further away then The Burton mutual ticket makes an excellent choice with prime stretches on both rivers Dove and Trent along with some superb still water venues as well. For both Grayling and Barbel, the Dove can be superb http://www.dvaa.co.uk/ http://www.burtonmutual.co.uk/
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