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  1. I understand where you are coming from Vagabond concerning hybrids, but I will worry about that if I get a big 'un. the roach i have caught so far have looked true to me , but I wouldn't know about down to the molecular level. Casters are a good shout, they do sort out a better stamp of fish. my biggest problem is that I just enjoy catching fish and watching the float go under and I always find it hard to ignore small and medium sized fish and just sitting it out for the chance of a big one. which is probably why I haven't caught one! I keep intending to be a bit more discerning and next tim
  2. I have been fishing a fairly small commercial lake (about 3 acres) which holds some good sized roach to over 2lb+. it holds lots of tench and crucians so winter is the easiest time to target the roach. I have caught them to over the pound or so floatfishing maggot. any ideas on how to sort out the big boys ? i'm thinking legered bread or worm, anyone got a cunning plan for me?
  3. thanks gents, I have done exactly that. I found some Abu Garcia rocket oil and a light smearing of bike grease for the gears and all was humming along smoothly yesterday. mike
  4. thanks gents, I have done exactly that. I found some Abu Garcia rocket oil and a light smearing of bike grease for the gears and all was humming along smoothly yesterday. mike
  5. Hi I am giving my Match a bit of an overhaul and am not sure what type of grease is suitable for the gears etc, will any any easily obtainable grease be suitable or must it be a specialist product ? I assume it needs to be fairly light and good for a widish range of temperatures any suggestions? cheers mike
  6. I can also vouch for the Fox Barbel Float, I've had one for a few years now and landed some nice fish on it, none of them barbel though! quality rod.
  7. Hi all, I have a shakespeare fixed spool which has a knackered clutch, can anybody recomend a reliable reel repair workshop? I am based in west sussex (not sure if that has any relevence though apart from saving on postage!) thanks mike
  8. I can second the recommendation for the Nash Daddy Longlegs, it is slightly taller with arm rests and has proved very comfortable for the 10 or so years I have had it. only downside is its not the lightest of chairs, which, with a bad back, may be an issue in itself. mike
  9. Depends what you mean by range ! the swims i fish don't usually allow more than 30metres and it picks up well. I usually use it with my trusty mitchell match and 3lb mainline and feels nicely balanced. If I do get kippered by decent fish it's usually my own damn fault when a chub spots a snag right under my rod tip before I do! mike
  10. Steve I have a Matchpro Ultrllight 14' and use it for most of my float fishing, river and lake and really like it. I would n't use it for heavier work anything over 4lb mainline but I use it for trotting and caught plenty of chub on it, but it's not a rod for bullying fish on though. Excellent piece of kit. Mike
  11. I have heard that one or two on here even use them for fishing.....only a rumour though mike
  12. That looks like a contender - thanks Steve Mike
  13. Now that its actually cold enough to need to wear a coat I think I need a new one (xmas pressie to myself) does anyone have any recommendations? Needs to be: Warm Waterproof 3/4 length under 200 quid NOT camo thanks Mike
  14. I live opposite the Arun and had a quick walk along the stretch opposite and could see no evidence of a problem on this bit, it seems the affected stretch is just downstream. The EA acted pretty quickly so hopefully it has limited the damage and we've had a lot of rain but I don't know whether thats a good or a bad thing. and I guess it will be a while before the true extent becomes clear and that those responsible will be prosecuted and made to pay for any restocking that will be necessary.
  15. He still writes a monthly column for the Times and whilst he's mainly a game angler I've always enjoyed his articles and certainly haven't found his writing as flawed as you suggest. But I haven't read his 'On fishing' yet so I have just added it to my birthday list, and if my wife can find it I'll have a read and see if his style is better suited to the shorter format rather than the longer. mike
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