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    Writing, reading, computers, steam trains, tennis, american football, pool, camping, and of course, Fishing!
  1. This has certainly given me food for thought. I wonder also if it is down to the fact that there isn't much sun in the UK to get sufficient numbers of VitD???? For instance, when was the last burst of decent sunshine? mmmm. Can't you get a supplement from some health food store? Will this not help you? GWS.
  2. Hi All! What is the popular opinion? Do you use dead baits or not? I don't use dead baits, and am not keen on this method of catching critters from the deep blue or green or grey wherever you happen to be fishing. I do however, like live baits like maggots, worms, etc, and I do have some artificial baits, too, but I find luncheon meat, salami, corn are just as good at catching a wide variety of fish without the use of deads. I just wondered what the consensus of opinion is on the use of dead baits?
  3. I have saved a copy of the EA's bylaws as I always use it as a good ref point for when i go out with rod and line-I think it is a good idea for all anglers to read through them so that they stay familiar with them to avoid embarrassing and potentially costly confrontation with EA officials, etc.
  4. I will go for turkey, but once was in Prague for carp at Xmas.......different! Go fishing in Prague and experience fresh carp is my alternative suggestion.
  5. Hi Jez! I'm from Cumbria too, where do you do your fishing? And do you get out on Winter days?
  6. TQ, I think if you are fishing for aesthetics, why bother with tips to catch fish? LOL Pumping up the volumn on maggots may allow the fish to dance, and your rod could be singing, but surely the pleasure of being on the Severn will be a great time...let us know. Linda-----------barbless size ten on 8lb line is odd but have known results.
  7. here's a link for something else if you still can't get through www.gumtree.com is always a good idea for a cheap rod pod.
  8. Thanks viney! Midnight at the oasis springs to mind, but it's cold out there and soooo wet!
  9. Hey, I've seen this in angler's mail! Trust the River Ribble to throw something up at us like this hybrid!!!! Back in the 70's some parts of the Ribble were poluted by the factories still running business and flushing effluent, etc, and no doubt this could be a mutation harping back to those days????
  10. I have a bad memory! Can anyone tell me when the exact date is that we can get back on the rivers with our rods? I know fish are spawning but I can't remember the June date. Would appreciate this info pls.
  11. I saw some good Daiwa brollies on ebay going cheap, but I got myself a great bivvy for around the same price. Now I have the advantage of making a brew undercover, it does everything and more in keeping the weather at bay should there be a sudden downpour, and also is open enough to allow me ease of access to my rods. I really would recommend a two man bivvy instead Fishy. That's just my opinion.
  12. Correct me if I am wrong, but if the licence is called officially a Rod Licence, then any rod regardless of hooks, bait, boilies, ground bait, etc, if you have a rod in the water, technically you should also have a licence. The little kid with a stick and a piece of string still had to have a rod licence and got a thick ear on a 70's canal path. My childhood memories are full of happy times! Linda
  13. On this one, I sympathise with the ignorance is bliss family, but really! When I decided to take up fishing the first thing I did was read everything about it, watched fishing programmes on TV and took in as much information as possible. I still have to learn to fish yet, and I've been around on here for about a year-haven't I?-I joined on here because you don't get aweful comments because you ask what you may feel silly asking. No problem is worth a giggle to anyone on here. There's always a sensible answer with helpful advice. To the German Couple with children I'd say, on this occasion
  14. Hi The chub hi-lite chair was not high enough for me, I tried it in a new store just opened up in Penrith, Cumbria. They have lots of fishing chairs, but nothing suitable for supporting those bad backs! It is a lightweight model, though, but still not high enough. I guess unless you have the problem, you aren't really aware of the comfort and need of ease and care that able bodied people take for granted and manufacturers cater to. Linda
  15. Since the RC church is against abortion and we have free speech let them have their say and condone everything that is disgusting in everyone's eyes, it won't do the RC's any good to keep backsliding the way the Bible teaches you should not. However, this article is jumping on the "hate all things papal" bandwagon. If you read what the Pope actually stated about the position of the Catholic Church on this issue you would see a different story. In general RC hates abortion-right or wrong, it's a tetchy issue for the public-but there were no statements given out to the press by the Pope himsel
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