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  1. No lions at this zoo, it only has little animals. Actually this is a repeat of a picture I took last year, but lost in a computer crash I have to confess I do like purple. purplealien comes from my web site which is named after this picture of a purple alien painted by my son when he was 4 years old. It's now become my web ID.
  2. This is my best photograph of the weekend; my son coming down a slide at the local zoo:
  3. One little tip from me........ occasionally give copies of your backup DVDs/CDs to a friend or relative for safe keeping. That way you are covered if the house burns down or a burgler gets their hands on them. Most of my pictures are of the children, and their grandparents are more than happy to receive CDs full of pictures every once in a while! Chris
  4. No. I'm the one in the pink top on the far left. My wife is next to me with black "bunchies". I agree with Steve & Newt, however if he's not ready to sell......... Why not set up a website if he wants people to see the pictures. NB. just a thought, but he could always offer high quality prints if he doesn't want to sell the pictures.
  5. He's a lovely quiet guy who for years only painted for friends/pleasure. He's finally making a real success of his talent, largely through the web site and word of mouth. He hasn't got any children of his own, but he's painted walls for local hospitals and the founders of Friends Reunited (assume you have this in Oz). I'm in this picture, one of Neils early works. Pagan Party It is possible to make it if you are patient and work at it. Hope your brother get there too. Chris
  6. Fabulous pictures. One of my dearest friends is an artist. Here's a link to his website: http://www.sacredart-murals.co.uk/ Chris
  7. Thanks Ollie. Best of luck to you and Paul. I'm really chuffed to be in the final three. My favorite was "Speed Of Light". My passion is finding patterns and isolating them with the camera. Speed of Light is just my kind of thing; bold, simple, dramatic. I've always been a bit envious of those who can capture the human condition. I only rarely manage something I'm proud of. Hats of to you Ollie. Chris
  8. Took this today at the Bluebell Railway in Sussex. Title: er.... Bluebell Photographer: me, Chris (aka purplealien) Date: 4th Feb 06 It was taken on auto with an Olympus zoom compact (3 mega pixels). 1/50 sec - F3.8 - ISO 102 - 60mm focal length Converted to greyscale in Micrographix Picture Publisher, shrunk to 700 pixel height and sharpened a little.
  9. Love will find a way..... I took this in a fairground (one of those crane games).
  10. Yes, pretty much. Had to trek for an hour in the dark to get there for sunrise. All over in half an hour! I love the lampost picture. Absolutely fantastic, in a class of its own
  11. Sunrise: Mount Bromo in Java Sunset: Brighton
  12. I used to go course fishing regularly in my youth, then discovered women, beer and football. I've recently taken up fly fishing (only still waters so far). I had a spell of being really into photography in the 90's, and still carry the camera everywhere. However, mostly its pictures of the kids these days.
  13. Hi Guys I'm new to this forum, but I love all your photos. This is my best tree picture, taken on my first SLR years ago. purplealien
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