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  1. --> QUOTE(Norm B @ Jan 3 2007, 05:12 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Try not to spray WD 40 on your line or into the reel, it's bad news. really? i found that it keeps it from rusting and going manky. I avoid getting it on the line, but i put it into the moving parts of the reel, and so far it doing well. If it not a good idea, what should i do to keep it moving and smooth? YoungRod
  2. Just went and had a wipe, it was really salty and dirty, proberly from the weed i caught today! There was a faint scuff on the end ring, but not major. Thanks for the advice, YougRod
  3. Hi all, Of course, after fishing i come back and rinse my reel off in cool, fresh water and lightly spray it with lubricant, i tidy my bag up and check for damage, but what other precautions, or tips would you give me to keep my kit clean and functional? I havn't had too many problems with my gear, but every-so-often my line breaks or a hooks snaps, and i put it down to being well used and strained. I just want to make sure i don't make any mistakes, and ruin my trips, because of dirty gear. All tips would be welcome, Thanks YoungRod
  4. WOW! Thanks all, i didn't know it would be such a popular thread! I will keep me eyes peeled for all your suggestions. Keep 'em coming, YoungRod
  5. And to you, and to everyone else... I'm hop[ing next year would be a bit more proposful. Happy new year YoungRod
  6. Thanks, i tried some clams a while back, but they were rotten, and it makes me gag when ever i go to try and eat one... never fear, will try and overcome my dislike some day... YoungRod
  7. COOL! I gonna have to check it out, I take your local to Southend? I live on Canvey. Canvey has a pretty good tackle shop now, its huge, and loads of gear... Aladins cave springs into mind... Happy new year, YoungRod
  8. Hi all, I was wondering, what is the nicest sea creature that is available to eat (UK or abroard)? I like sea food,but am yet to find something that really gets the tastebuds tingling! Anyways, going fishing hopefully wednesday, weather permitting, so i gonna test out some new gear... Happy New Year YoungRod
  9. School's out! Fishing coming my way- Between work and tidying my room , DAMN U MESS!!!!! anyway, i hope to go soon, and i'll tell y'all what i catch. Y.R
  10. Could you use PM please, ur driving my email nuts!! i keep thinking that someone has replied, but it turns out it's you two talking!!!!!
  11. Hi After yet anouther catchless expedition , i have been wondering if any one else have been catching much around the country. so, have you? Y.R
  12. Hi! Yep, i'm going on Saturday. But... i have a new spot! and apparently it is better than old faithfull (or un-faithful!). It is sheltered from all sides, and the fishing is supposed to be good! i am rally excited, and we are looking forward to the boil in a bags! i hope the weather stays nice for everyone , Y.R
  13. Hi there i managed to get out on saturday. although i didn't catch anything , i thourghly enjoyed it. i saw loads of trawlers (at least 10) all going out. i was wondering if there were many fish about. checking my records (i keep a diary of every session) i havn't caught a thing this year! I'm glad that other people are catching though Y.R
  14. thanks Sam, i may take you up on that offer! And thank you to everyone who haas given me tips. i hope to be carching plenty of fish! i will follow your advice, and have already started looking for promonent features of the area. Tahnks again YR
  15. apparently, mines and bombs and such have been found in the thames quite regulary. though i have never seen one, most people say that wreckage from ships and planes still have explosives (live and ready) still inside!
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