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  1. Dont bother with the inflatable yaks, the problem with second hand yaks is there high resale value, you might as well buy new any way, but e-bay is always worth a look.
  2. Its funny how this post has been hijacked by some members with other agendas, only started with richi in all inocence promoting a sport he is passionate about, and without OK there probably would'nt be any where near the intrest we have now with yak fishing. So just get your butts to Mudeford and enjoy a bloody good day fishing with a good bunch of lads
  3. Trouble is Mike, most people who do use this site , use other sites as well, so if you do visit another site, you may well see the same names logging on. A lot of people who used this site have migrated to the anglers afloat site, and pop back to have a look now and again, I dont know why this happens, it cant be because of arguing , because , it'd be the same on the other site.
  4. On my P13 , I broke the plastic retainer on the bungee, that holds the tackle box in place, can I have a new one please, I'd just like to say i think the P13 is the bestest thing in the world, and I've told me mate that as well, so can I have a strap please
  5. Well I'm gonna do my bit to get girls with large breasts to take up kayak fishing, as I think they are underrepresented in this fast growing sport
  6. I have a friend that uses an inflatable yak, he bought it at the boat show at Excel, they told him you could fish safely from it , he's had it a couple of years now and todate he's had no problems with it, but he's only used it around the creeks of Essex chasing mullet, main reason he bought it was so he could drag it about from creek to creek , he has had a few sorties around the local canal , one of the main problems with it on the canal , is windage, any sort of breeze and it tracks in the water, I also have to point out he mainly uses it , to get himself to his desired spot , then fishes f
  7. We had mackys and garfish off Seaford over weekend.
  8. Once saw a minke whale off Clacton, not far from that bouy we fish, off Holland on sea.
  9. It was from the yak , but me phone , which I used to take the photo was in the front hatch , so I landed at a nearby sandbank , that appears near L.W., shame the sunlight blocked out the golden spots, what did surprise me is the shad it took.
  10. I had a golden grey off canvey island Essex this summer, there's a link on here somewhere.
  11. Me and Pete will pop up, weather dependant.Have'nt asked Danno yet.
  12. codshead


    You know me and a numb bum Dan ,
  13. Glad you enjoyed it today Steve, shame we could'nt get you a fish. Lozz and Pete had a hectic session as the light faded, that clear water did'nt help, coupled with the bright sunlight.We're not used to clear water off Essex.
  14. Those mexican builders have got a unique style all of there own. What there boat builders like ?
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