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  1. We have 5 shops and every one has at least 7 people buying gear. Covid is a word only in Mackay and north Queensland.. Must admit, it has affected trade from NSW and Victoria during holiday seasons due to the Qld government closing the borders
  2. Ho hum, here, in central coastal Qld, it’s 30 c, that is 86 F to you, Phone.
  3. Hopefully having good treatment.
  4. Lambert Centre Of Australia in the Northern Territory is the furthest from any sea, not Windorah, which is in Queensland, a distance of just over 800 km, so there! Opal country near Windorah... Anyway, I was in a hole digging garnets near Alice Springs.
  5. Women’s tights were good while sea fishing in Australian tropical waters . They were good protection against box and irukanji jellyfish when hauling bait nets in a metre of water.
  6. Winter in The Whitsundays.
  7. Live in a warm climate, then there is no need for all that clobber
  8. @Phone, you forgot “Golden Wedding - Woody Hermann Dunno how to stick it on using an ipad...
  9. I believe he gave some of it to Boris Johnson.
  10. @Phone, your spelling needs a bit of work... “Outgoing President Trump In A Nutshell” should be... "Outgoing President Trump Is A Nutcase”
  11. You obviously know about them, don’t you?
  12. Saratoga under lily pads, heaven in Coroborree Billabong in the Mary River, Northern Territory!
  13. Forgot to say, the pool was/is a noted duck billed platypus’s swim.
  14. Interesting...not for fish, but sapphire mining. I had a little ‘show’ in the New England Ranges of New South Wales and came across a big granite boulder about a metre down in ‘wash’. The boulder was sat on granite bedrock. As I dug down the downstream side of it, I dug up enough sapphires to buy a new station wagon! Sapphires, being heavy, lost momentum behind the big boulder during floods. In total, I got 85 beautiful blues several small particolours (green/blue) and a pile of corundum.
  15. You want excitement? Try barramundi fishing with 10 to 14 ft crocs eyeing you as a potential meal
  16. Let the dendrobiums dry out for a week, or so, then drown them, so to speak. Also, put them in an outside setting, away from wind an any frosts. If they are getting good, new growth, that is a good sign they should flower in the next year. Most orchids. Require 70% shade, or dappled shade. Winter is their ‘rest’ period, so reduce waterings. Wish I could grow cymbids, but they need six weeks of very cold weather to get them to flower.
  17. They don’t catch wild pigs, though. Blackberry ‘jungles’ abound in the New England Region of NSW and harbour pigs. Seen it many times whilst trout fishing along the upper reaches of the Macintyre River.
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