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  1. I've been using Ultima Power-Plus for the last couple of seasons. I tend to use 10lb as a minimum although I do have 12lb and 15lb on stand-by. Have used Maxima Chameleon 6lb in the past, for light feeders and ledgering. Going down to float rod on 4lb or less Maxima Chameleon. Have landed an 8lb carp on 4lb line and a size 16 hook, interesting but unintentional, was seriously worried the rod would give way!
  2. I have a Shimano Nexave AX feeder, usually with a 3oz tip. I've used this for method feeders on numerous occasions, although never any higher than a 25g loaded feeder, and not had anything snap yet. The lob method always seems to work fine, and it's casting happily 30-40 yards accurately.
  3. Just to eke this topic even further as regards etiquette...... I fish on a site with two small(ish) lakes seperated by a walkway between the two, in places wide enough to sit between the lakes to fish the margins...in others only wide enough to walk (or maybe fit a box) One sunny morning, myself and another angler both trotted out to the lakeside. I bag myself a corner of one lake, setup my rods and rests ...clearly pointing in a general direction of where I was going to fish to...aiming for the margin of the walkway near to some reeds (a notorious spot for the carp). The other angle
  4. I was taught float fishing by my father-in-law on the 'Broads' a little over 4 years ago .... since then I've got the bug and learned new methods myself, which I now pass onto him Quite funny watching his face when he comes out with "That won't catch anything......" I try to teach myself one new method or rig each season. Dependant on the weather, or how bored I am at the lack of carp bites from the middle of the lake, I can float or carp ...often at the same time. If your happy float fishing ...go with it ... it's often more interesting than waiting for the buzzers to go of
  5. Don't forget sweetcorn is a good bait for bream ... on the private lake I use, I tend to land equal numbers of carp and bream.
  6. PVA mesh tubing, used it for the first time last year and had an instant impact on my ledgering. Caught more fish, but my PB eluded me for another year.
  7. I was checked three times last year, on a private 'residents only' lake ... admittedly there's a holiday lodge on site, but why check everyone continuously?!?!?
  8. You been watching me? I went one worse last year and bought a very expensive Tilly hat. Father-in-law creases every time as he reckons I look like crocodile dundee Hmm talking of boots, does anyone know where I can get smoe decent size 6 (six) camo camo boots? Kind of hoping the mud-hole ninja look will camoflage me from the boring "caught anything yet mate?" brigade *grrrrrr*
  9. I've finally given in and fully joined the carp brigade by going out and buying loads of Tribal fishing camo clothing. You may now officially call me a tackle tart.....or a tree ...whatever! PS The missus thinks I've finally gone mad
  10. Personally .. I wouldn't. What's the maximum line that rod can handle in terms of breaking strain? I tend to use 10lb line coupled to a 2.5lb TC carp rod, especially if I know theres a double figure carp around. I would guess that a 1.5lb TC would result in you having to play the fish for a very long time, and very gently, as I would suspect the rod wouldn't be able to handle a double figure strength line. I'm not from the 'oik it in brigade, but I also think it's unncessary to play fish too long as it can spook other fish in the area.
  11. All down to personal preference and what works on the day. If one of the fins is weighted, e.g the korda feeders, the weight will land bottom down so put the hook bait in the other side. If the feeder is unweighted and you place your hookbait inside, you stand the risk of your hookbait not being exposed or trapped. My own personal preference is a weighted method feeder, loaded with ground bait, sweetcorn and hemp ..usually with sweetcorn on a hair rig inside the method. Alternatively, have the hookbait outside the feeder ... albeit not a long one. PS First carping method I
  12. Anyone know why the EA's website won't let me buy a new license for 2008-2009 yet? Trying to plan ahead for fishing first week in April. Rich
  13. Ditto on the first week of April, first time I'll have been fishing since last October ... bloomin' June floods *grrr* Holding out for an April like the last one, seems like the months are running 4-6 weeks ahead of themselves, so April is more like the end of May. Fished early March last year, private lake site, and didn't have much success. Admittedly I was showing someone else how to fish, so I wasn't concentrating.
  14. I've sworn by the Shimano products for years. Was bought a Shimano 6000RE baitrunner as a present last year, it's a meaty reel with a very good clutch, very smooth retrieve and the baitrunner is spot on, not had a single problem with it. Might be worth noting they're a bit on the heavy side, not a reel to sit holding for long periods of time ..... unless there's a fish attached to the other end of course.
  15. If your using the method you could also try swapping one of the corn for an imitation piece. Bury the hook bait in the method, when it disintegrates the hook bait will float enticingly for the fish. Definately agree with the amino in Summer and they seem to go mad for strawberry or tutti-frutti glug too, I add it into my water mix for the method.
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