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A GREAT Days Fishig followed by GREAT food

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I been fishing in Stratford Upon Avon and have found it the best place in the whole of warwickshire. If you go across Tramway Bridge - the foot bridge next to Cox's Yard and otherside of the Bancroft Gardens. Iwas there for about 3 hours and my favorite fish i caught was a awsome Chub. There are always many fishermen, especially if you walk a bit further, opposite the RSC.


After a days fishing there is nothing better than a relaxing meal next to the riverfront, this is why Cox's yard was built. They serve the very best FISH & CHIPS and other food and drink.


So head over and enjoy.



Go to www.coxsyard.co.uk for more info.

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Glad to see other Warwickshire Anglers trying out Stratford, ave you fished for Zander and perch yet, if you walk 1/2 a mile up river to lucy's mill, there is some great Zander and big perch fishing to be had.


As for the fish and chips, I go to the chippy on Sheep Street, Cheaper than Cox's Yard :)

Jasper Carrot On birmingham city

" You lose some you draw some"

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Im blowed if I can remember the name but there is/used to be a great cafe at Fladbury or just below Jubilee Bridge(?) that played a major part in the 70's match scene on the Avon.Anyone remember it? is it still there?

And thats my "non indicative opinion"!

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If you ever want to see huge carp, giant chub and the occaisional barbel + the small fish then sit by the crystal clear river next to Cox's Yard and enjoy the view as thereis a nature reserve island surounded by swans and fish. If only you could fish there.

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