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Simple, JRC Sti Rapid Erection, job done!!!

One good reason to do something is better than a thousand bad excuses not to.

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Severn Wolf:

I`m not a big fan of Fox stuff. Not that I think its bad quality or anything its just that for me they are just way too expensive just because of the name.


Bit of a tart if the truth is known, I do like the look of the Realtree Nash stuff,

Just ask for discount!!! every dealer I've spoken to recently (loads)has offered a minimum of 10% and that's where the haggling starts. I finished up getting very nearly 18% (across the board) for approx a dozen different items from Quattro pod kit to feature finder leads. I also got free postage (next day delivery!!). Whatever you do do not pay RRP or the price on the ticket, be bold and ask, you'll be amazed just how quickly (and how far) they'll come down

One good reason to do something is better than a thousand bad excuses not to.

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easy and quick to put up




and less than half the weight of any pram style quick erect bivvy. had a jrc sti bivvy you need to take a barrow just to lug it to your swim.


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JRC STI single man, twin skin


Solid as fuk, warm, easy put up, easy take down, loads of optional setups (sloping bank, flat, open front(brolly style), post box style door if wanted!




Didnt know what i was buying when i was picking my bivvy but so so glad i got it!


I have watched people struggle for hours on the banks with shitty biviys and with the STI u won`t be disapointed...


End of the day, looks as thought everyone is happy with what they have,...they must all be good!! lol

Here fishy fishy.......


140 hours of blanking at Carcus!! 2 carp runs and countless bream .


Anyone wanna chat about fishing and help a keen begginer - msn messanger - craynerd@hotmail.com

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Yeah, I know what you mean about everyone is happy with what they`ve got. I had years of kipping on a sunlounger under a nash 50" nylon overwrap and never complained, well, not too much anyway!!

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Look at Chapman Anglings version of the STI as far as I can see it is identical and way cheaper.

Ive bought the two man version for me and the missus and we are well impressed.



After a certain age, if you don't wake up aching in every joint, you are probably dead.



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Andrew Burgess:

I have been looking for a new bivvy as well! I used to have one of the old Fox Euro Dome which simialar to the Fox Carp Plus. The other day to my horror I found the zip on the storage bag is busted and can't be repaired. Anyway been looking at some bivvys in the local tackle shop and I am quite keen on this one




ProLogic Bivvy *SV2548*

The Prologic brand is probably the fastest growing brand in the UK thanks to its incredible quality, performance and value for money. This bivvy is no exception and will provide anglers and all their kit the ultimate in comfort.




Designed for extended use in bad weather conditions, Twin skinned to eliminate condensation, Built in groundsheet, Superb quality, 100% breathable & waterproof,

Fold back porch, Built in mosi net, 2 Man Bivvy  at £99.99


What do you think of this?

I know someone who swears by this bivvy. He highly recommends it. :)




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if you've got your heart set on getting a sti

there's someone doing the 1 man for £149.00 on ebay. plus £10 p&p

or england angling are doing the 2005 model for £159.99 with free delivery.

just a word of advice before you buy one.

if you know someone who has got one ask them if you can feel the weight of it packed in the bag or go to your local tackle shop and ask them.

they are not a light bit of kit compared to the chub reflex system

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