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new shakespeare website

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Works ok for me, the only problem I have with the site is that it's a bit busy. Seemed clear enough to me to navigate it but then I design and maintain a web application so perhaps it's easier for me.


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It's a lousy site made worse by a plethora of grammatical errors... I refrain from calling them typo's as the errors are consistent.


They've chosen to apostrophise plurals - everything in the plural is ended "plural's"


It's such a shame as I've always had a soft spot for Shakespeare rods and reels for float fishing and to see such a shoddy shop window is inclined to put me off.

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Wow! What an astonishingly bad website. Shakespeare used to be a brand people actually aspired to, now they seem completely shambolic. Whoever gave the web design project to a 12 year old, who doesn't have any idea what a fishing rod is, and like some things so much they put them in twice, should hang their head in shame. :unsure:


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