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  1. Do you think areas that see a lot of bait going in don't hold a higher number, or biomass, of fish than areas that don't have any additional feed then? Hasn't been my, completely non degree worthy, experience over a mere 35 years on the bank.
  2. The "banks need time to recover" argument is a bit daft. Everywhere looks better in the middle of June than it does in the middle of March regardless of whether anyone's been going there or not. The field I walk the dogs round every day, along with loads of other people is always a muddy mess in March, but even by the middle of May it's in rude health again, even the paths which are walked on all day long are covered with grass and the mud of winter is gone. Rivers that used to get match fished heavily tend to have historically held more fish in the match stretches than other areas, and si
  3. Look like brown trout to me. Some look like recently stocked ones and some look more natural from the state of the tails, but other than that they look like a good range of the natural colour variations within brown trout.
  4. Is it just me (and everyone else I speak to) or do this/these outfit(s) not actually fulfill any orders over the internet? Everyone I've spoken to about them have tales of unfulfilled orders and appalling communications with the company(ies). Interested to hear if anyone has any positive stories about them and if it's just the predator tackle they operate semi fraudulently with.
  5. If it's leaking through the material give it a good coat of Thompson's water seal (the stuff they advertise for coating brickwork) it will re-proof the nylon perfectly. All nylon brollies and bivvies need a coat of re-proofer every now and then.
  6. I don't mind the lack of flow, certainly after the last couple of summers, but the algae is a problem. Fished the Severn and Avon last week and it was much harder than it should have been there too.
  7. It's been brown and ugly since the end of May to my knowledge. While it is possible to catch fish, it's much harder than it should be at this time of year. It hasn't had the bloom into the open season for a few years now, and it's a real bore. A bit of water through it wouldn't do any harm, but after the last 2 summers I'm loathed to do a rain dance for the Thames!
  8. http://www.edp24.co.uk/content/edp24/sport...3A04%3A11%3A750
  9. Apparently it's a complete load of rubbish. We (the PAC) spoke to the EA about the incident and their investigation and they said they saw no evidence of anything to confirm netting, there were bicycle tracks leading to the flattened grass area the great crime was supposed to have been committed on, and they thought it was just some kids on bikes stopping there for a while. The authors credibility has taken a knock again with yet another unsubstantiated and factually incorrect story. He must have been struggling to find something to fill his column inches with.
  10. Wow! What an astonishingly bad website. Shakespeare used to be a brand people actually aspired to, now they seem completely shambolic. Whoever gave the web design project to a 12 year old, who doesn't have any idea what a fishing rod is, and like some things so much they put them in twice, should hang their head in shame.
  11. Glad to hear that Steve, hopefully it will be onwards and upwards in the future too. The current committee have done and outstanding job I think.
  12. Hi Steve. What is it that stops you joining the PAC, or more importantly, what would they have to do to attract you back?
  13. http://www.geocities.com/heartland/lane/4448/gallery.html Looks like a "4 screw"
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