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Top Pike lures for winter

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Anyone been out with the lures recently?


I never get chance to do any fishing now (So much work to do!) :angry:




Haven't been out doing any piking for the last two weeks.


Was going lure fishing this weekend but river up by about 5/6ft, chocolate and steaming through. :schmoll:


What with the bad weather and Christmas coming up it's looking like a pretty duff pike winter for me...I really hope we get some proper winter weather Jan/Feb so I can crack the lures out.

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The most normal period to see me doing a lot of lure fishing (and I believe the best time to do it) is Autumn.However this year we didnt relly have one did we!


As Im up in London at the moment my piking has had to be a bit different to most years.Not so much because I'm fishing new waters (as thats a good thing) but more that my MO of fishing has had to be different.More snatched trips and not having my normal bait reserves has meant more lure and deadbait wobbling sessions.


Due to this Ive found myself fishing in a lot of conditions with lures that I wouldnt normally do so.And my conclussions? to be honest they are that I had got it right! neing forced to lure/wobble fish in poor conditions has just confirmed the veiws I reached some years ago.But fishings fishing and its been fun.

And thats my "non indicative opinion"!

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ive bumped this as a lure ive been looking at to complement my minnowbaits turned up 4 years ago on this




talk to me please

Windels Muskie Snack


looking for a minnowbait to complement magnum bombers and mirrolures in the biggest sizes different rise rates etc how does it compare to either


and lo and behold its been mentioned on a thread i posted on a while back :clap:


and all this after spending three days trawling muskie, walleye forums in the US


its enough to make me cry it really is lol


ps ive had grief trying to get into here for a while now so if i dont get back to you you can hit me on the pac forum

john woods ie the clumsy forgetful fool on the alarms thread youve been on recently

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