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Postal Insurance

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I think this thread has gone away from the question mayhap??

If it were me Elton (Mrs) I would pay the invoice LESS the cost of insurance with a polite but purposeful note as to why payment is being witheld for the insurance!

And to answer the other question!! Mr Burke is nearest the truth!! Only thing you CANNOT claim for is the cost of posting!!

Chris Goddard

It is to be observed that 'angling' is the name given to fishing by people who can't fish.

If GOD had NOT meant us to go fishing, WHY did he give us arms then??

(If you can't help out someone in need then don't bother my old Dad always said! My grandma put it a LITTLE more, well different! It's like peeing yourself in a black pair of pants she said! It gives you a LOVELY warm feeling but no-one really notices!))

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if i was mrs elton id send a cheque minus the cost of the added insurance, put a little letter in there saying the same thing "75p has not been paid as this is to cover insurance you will receive the cheque"


Recorded delivery offers nothing differant to first class except its a signed for delivery


Special offers a gurantee that its be fore 1pm the following day providing its posted before 15.00 and insurance up to £500, you can get cover upto £10,000 at a premium, as someone said ealrier it wont cover breakages to glass or china, or damage to computer chips





All you need to know


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