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  1. worm and corn on a 12lb mono hair, i decided to give mono ago because the braid i use is the sinking one and it was pinning the bait down a little to much.
  2. Ok here is the picture of the 8lb 8oz tench, my first from wingham and i beleve the largest green tench to come from there, if steve can confirm this?
  3. in dreamweaver, you need to make a table, i use 700px this way it hold the text in place and resizes it depending on what resolution and also if the user resizes the browser
  4. Thanks alot steve for yet another cracking weekend, except this time i caught, ill send the pictures of the tench over as soon as i get them,
  5. elton i use ph and html alsong with jave and no problems, as you do the old websites the problem occurs when you do dynamic html ie the post command or GET that is because php will use Include instead.
  6. 2 years ago me and my mate went to wingham, we had everything except worm. not a touch, ,the fish are not heavliy fished after, they are still very weary of new baits.To be honest i think the way to tackle wingham as steve said was keep it simple. BTW that was just my experiance but ill see you there on sat
  7. Fixed, it was me adding a security patch
  8. leeds keep it simple,dont start trying to adapt anything, any bead will do for aslong as the hole in the middle stops at the swivel. Its only to stop the ledger going over the swivel and to take out the impact of the cast. Just keep it as Slide the ledger on your reel line then the bead, attach the swivel and hookline to the end of it, lift the rig up and you will see the weight slides up and down the reel line without passing the swivel
  9. either sell/give em away or recycle or even a charity shop
  10. Am i allowed to show off some flash work i just done in this thread, its just something that has taken a while to do and well im well proud of it, i wont post the url untill i get the ok for it first tho
  11. Rocking, I never get this with maggots, but if you think about maggots come in sawdust or maize to keep them dry also the way we hook them means no juice goes anywhere. As for rag and lug,i use a pair of rubber gloves, i got athertitis anyway but the gloves make the worms stretch out longer as they react to the rubber, this also stops therag from nipping you and gives you a better grip. Got to bear in mind that you are no fashion statement night fishing with a piar of bright yellow marigolds on
  12. if i was mrs elton id send a cheque minus the cost of the added insurance, put a little letter in there saying the same thing "75p has not been paid as this is to cover insurance you will receive the cheque" Recorded delivery offers nothing differant to first class except its a signed for delivery Special offers a gurantee that its be fore 1pm the following day providing its posted before 15.00 and insurance up to £500, you can get cover upto £10,000 at a premium, as someone said ealrier it wont cover breakages to glass or china, or damage to computer chips EDIT http://www.royalm
  13. yes you get them from www.microsoft.com the latest media player has the plug ins. WMAs are hard files to convert because its a microsoft format and microsoft dont like to give away the coding they use, there us a few aplications on the market but they tend to be expensive for a license for them
  14. Ok guys, first time ive seen this thread, i know nothing about the subject of your website but i am quiet handy with websites and the making of them. If you would like a hand with anything, html, php and fash are my real areas give us a shout at my email address. of course any thing i do is FREE OF CHARGE. Its one angler to another, my email is webmaster@<no spam>smelly-nets.co.uk Remove the <no spam>
  15. www.Smelly-nets.co.uk Is back after a redisgin, loads more things added, forums abit quiet come on you lot make them active
  16. do you want to burn them as mp3? or as normal cd's what you can do is load them all into media player, then you can copy them to cd. if you want them as mp3 than if you pm with your email i got a programme here that does that
  17. Well im off down the folkestone warren soon, ill let you all know howlong i sit there with out a bite for, got to wait for the wind to pass through first off
  18. depends on what you want them for, for me the best is the kent angling show only because its closest. The nec one was good but i cant remember the name of it
  19. cant we give spammers a guun and send them off to iraq, that way atleast they do something usefull and then our boys and girls can come back home.
  20. Is that website a php nuke setup if so i got the security patches to cure the hackers, i wrote a few myself and others i had to ask nicley for. I also had my site hacked 3 times and each time som e anti bush stuff was plastered all over it. The connection between war on iraq/bush and fishing i just dont see.
  21. i will soak boillies in either CSL or salmon oil or even both for maybe a month or so before hand. They smell rotten but i seem to catch more on them. I also take a few pots of the oil with me and if needs be ill just dip normal boillies in one fore a few seconds prior to casting when i do this i also soak the hooklink in the dip as this absorbs alot more flavour/scent than the boillie will in this short time
  22. Go with dabs m8, reputable company, never any problems with accounts etc etc, plus elton earns a few quid
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