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  1. Thanks for the greetings!! YES, I am back in't UK!! But NOT as able as I used to be!! But gotta shift the property in France now is all............. £40,000 or equivelant Euros, PLUS taxes. We paid 12,500 8 years ago on the 87,500 euros it cost us.
  2. Nice to be here?? I'll see eh?? Chris
  3. I have several specimens of various scopes to clear (I have ALLSORST to cear from France!) But first up is the scopes. 99% are new, some are cheap chinese copies and I also hve som Bushnells. they are mostly Mil dot with red and green illuminated reticules 20 or 24mm tubes, some I think are even fitted with a 20mm picatinny rail so will take a laser and torch. The Busnells are as I recall actually NOT marked a s such but I reckon they are seconds nas patches of ??Glue show in reticules BUT only out if sites and here are also tooling marks on the c sapanner slots again they do NOT effect the sights. do have others like 6 to 24 x50 I think? 3 to9 x 50,s etc. And cheap as chip 4x20 with laser. Also got red lasers and bore scope lasers in red and green. Stil hve contact for agents in France/china so if you fancy something quite easy to get?? Please message me if at all interested? May also sell at least one PCP OH! Yes and several 200 300 bar bottles all untested apart from mine?? And plus postage. CO2,s?. Scopes to start at £22 with mounts. Lasers £10 plus mount anything else by negotiation. And again plus post! Chris
  4. Are you using a Bookmark?? Or perhaps on the UK site for one and the .com on the other??
  5. Probably, unless you know better! Just watching this programme on Quest +1 And another to follow so will be having another late one tonight! Well I say late? As normally abed by 10 or 11. But tonight the old knees said different. (old BEING THE OPERATIVE WORD! Wife was aching a bit so she went at 7. having taken a double do of her preffered pain killers. So I stood up after Emmerdale at 19:30 and OH DEAR! NO WALKY!!?? I was totally unable to walk and in fact nearly fell over, and as I have not touched a drop of alchohol for two weeks, well yes I was a bit worried. BUT as the Doctors letter said this morning I have NOTHING at all to worry about?? Nothing but what the MRI showed 6 months ago which I do NOT need repeating as I am now back inthe UK. Yes go figure! I am even so it seems taking toooo much Morphine not TOOOOOOO much but the cost is toooooooo much!!!?? OH yes and I am now a cat 1 diabetic?? Shame they omitted to let me know eh?? Anyway I did get to walk to the sink unit instead of headbutting it and went to bed. So thtat's how I ended up watching this programme.Had to get upagain at 11 afyer a rather nasty Nightmare (Neatly **** the bed!) BUT WHAT a ruddy ship! Made in China and put together in North Korea it is and you really have to see it to appreciate the shear size of the huge pieces etc.it. BUT best thing it is an MFI ship! I.E. It is modular and they actually put together one of these modules EVERY 3 days!! But to appreciate it as I say you have to watch it. each unit or module is 100% the same! NO excuses! Just 3 days solid of welding and cutting. And then moving it 5 to 9 pieces at a time to ship it and that takes around 4 days at a time. I could tal;k about it for ages (What do you mean NO surprise there then!!) If you do have it and appreciate engineering watch it on QUEST and of course QUEST +24. I get it on Talk Talk TV top up (Brilliant TV/Telephone package!!) AMAZING!! From 2300.
  6. But on seeing this http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Dewalt-De9075-Nicd-Battery-Pack-12-Volt-2-4-Ah-Battery-Powertool-/350835320255?pt=UK_Hand_Tools_Equipment&hash=item51af6a25bf I reckon I'll make mine last a couple more years and if neccessary replace tne batteries myself?? Mmmmmmmmmmm????
  7. See what you MEAN!! BLOODY liberty!!!! Ruddy immigrants are even taking over other PYTHONS songs now!! He SHOULD BE SINGING It's alright surely???
  8. Sorry missed this as been chasing none existant benefits again! Quite right Anders old lad ONLKY one thing lets your post down though. I used to PAY for everything in France as I am of the opinion (Funny eh me having an opinion eh?) that you should NOT sponge off of any country you decide to reside in as I did. I paid my way for EVERYTHING I was asked to. the ONLY thing I SHOULD have got free was my medical treatment as I have an incurable disease (And that is EU wide.) And my Taxes as I am assessed at OVER 40% disabled. Funnily enough something I do NOT get offered in the UK? I am employed by HM and get nowt and go to France and get a rebate on taxes of around 2.5k?? But no sorry I DID pay for it all AND was better off for it! Mortgage of 1.5%, a BIG walled Garden with a 5 bed detatched house, a spare 1 bed house in the Garden and some BIG sheds!? Here I pay 450 per month to rent a 2 up and one down. And get NOTHING extra apart from stuff I MAY be expected to get as an EU resident I.E. medical care. So france is all in all BETTER for me?? Now what was it you were saying about incomers??
  9. Section 35(2) of said act. care to read it and tell me what it says?? LITTLE part of the stupid at times act that MAY surprise some?? Thats a google on section 35(2). chris
  10. OR a refugee or a Romanian, Pole, Black or anything but born and worked ALL my life in the UK paying taxes, Fighting wars getting injured whilst in the employ of HM whilst serving in the Royal Navy for 14 years, so that I can no longer walk properly (Make that at ALL really!) Tell me WHY is it the bloody asylum seekers can get ALL they want and me who has worked since 15 and sent 14 years in the RN can get FECK ALL?? And I do mean NOTHING!! No Rent or Taxes (Council) No Mobility (Now cannot walk more than a couple of feet with NO pain!) Keep **** myself because of damaged nerves in my spine. And the wife?? She is worse in the effect she has M.E. without the serious side, called something that gives pain ALL the time and just makes you wanna sleep! (Fibromyalgia!) Possibly the Pain Killers, so called why?? Don't kill pain anyway!! We have just come back from 7 years in France, I liked France even though we got nothing from the French except sh1t. We at least COULD just about afford to live there. But we paid 75k (Euros) for the house. I have spent I reckon around 30k on it?? And it is now worth conservatavely around 10k less than when we bought it!! BIG was 3 bed and now possibilty of 5 beds! Four of which will be en-suite. And plans for the fifth as well. As I say a BIG detatched house with 4 to 6 foot walls. A say one bed Gite and a double garage shed type thing. Two other garages come sheds one attached to the Gite and one to rest of sheds etc, and one bone dry small shed with a cobbled froor. Private drive the ONLY way into the property with a Video entrance cover. LARGE top of the range Willy Balls Kitchen in Oak and ALL mod con's. W/M's and dryer OUTSIDE in the Cave/cellar. LARGE decked area, new windows to one side in the front (Used to be a shop) Rest of windows down to taste (They do want replacing) At a cost I reckon of around 1000 euros if you use the shop we used in Nantes!! We did a plate glass window the Insurance company wanted to replace at a cost of 2,300 euros for I think it was 800?? NO contest, local bloke a GGOD friend of hours took one day total (Two half days as he had to build a dwarf wall first) And then fit the four windows we bought at 115 euros each and we paid him (Well he WANTED 200 Euros) I am pretty sure we gave hime 250 as his son helped, but he said MORE tobacco for me then! So I don't really know what he was on about! But anyway, Back to the story, yes we applied for rent Rebate (As having to rent 2 up one down terrace...........Sorry broke off to listen to neighbours raging against the whatsit! (Arguing with each other.) Costs us 450 a month. Council tax, in France as I am a WAR PENSIONER and am assessed at 40% for now! It is good enough to get a FULL rebate of ALL taxes there. BUT in GOOD OLD UK/England where I got the injuries if you like? Whilst serving in the RN what started as problems with the old knees became Osteo-arthritis and now is Rheumatoid Arthritis. And believe me when I say it hurts it BLOODY hurts sometimes. A bit like having a couple of footballs sewn into your knees!! Oh yes I cannot get Carers allowance that was DSS's call, I SAID I would not qualify and he said TRY anyway. two sets of SAME formt for under 16's and over 65's I eventually get a form for the under 65's but reading the front page you KNOW you do not qualify!! And surely enough I get back TWO letters EXACTLY the same saying I do NOT qualify!!! HOW MUCH DOES ALL THAT SH1T COST EH???? Bloody Pathetic. I cannot qualify for anything but the stupid pathetic gits who run the show can waste that money on me and HOW many others?? I DID submit IN TIME a docket for DLA at highest rate AND mobility. They LOST IT! And so another was despatched, TOO bloody late to claim? AGAIN what's all that about?? And so I am "INVITED" to submit a claim for PIP!!! And guess what?? Well guess first time and guess SH1T and NO I cannot claim that!! BUT they sent me a form anyway.Guess what it is the same as? But a BIT better phrased Questions I think?? And again guess SH1T first time!! DLA, that's right!! I flicked through it as I did with the DLA and apart from being able to read and work out what signs mean and one other I forget now what it is, breath I think!! All the rest I am either top rate or middle rate and I score I think twenty on paper. 12 is enough for higher rate? BUT I don't even qualify to fill the bloody thing in????? So WHY send it in the first place?? By the wayI asked for this on the 14th of december after getting back on the 12th to the UK! I also got myself a form to fill in for my Bank deatails first?? CLASSIC EH!! The word from the teamleader was so they COULD pay the money in quicker IF I was awarded the PIP?? THEN they decide IF I can fill the forms in (Qualify) BUT send out the forms first!! And then IF you qualify on paper you attend a center to be checked over by a Doctor? THEN and ONLY then if you pass they use the answers from the first paper to pay you. The first paper which I have used my Mums account for as I don't HAVE my own account. For which I will anyway have to submit a new paper to get paid into MY account which will cause MORE delays as the account is NOT in my name so they will have to investigate the claim ALL the way through again....YOU COULD NOT MAKE THIS UP could you???? WELCOME to the UK?? The what?? Which Country??? THE UK!!! But there's NOT there is NO such country? It does not exist?? There is England, Scotland, Ireland Northern, Sorry Northern Ireland and Wales, this is Great Britain plus a few other ??Principalities?? BUT the UK is NOT a country so WHY do you insist on calling it as such?? RUSSIA is a country, Egypt is a COUNTRY. even ISRAEL is a COUNTRY, so is England!! But UK is NOT! My haven't things changed somewhat!! And sad as I am to admit it I think I MAY find myself BACK in France again. In France they DO call you a Knobhead. BUT they don't try to HIDE IT!!! Chris (STUCK?? in the UK/England
  11. Win 8 I have it on a new Laptop I paid 499 Euros for and the laptop VERY nearly went in the bin second day. Got myself a nearly new double something from a USA site for 34 $ postage and VERY little money!! Believe you me. BUT the ruddy cursor moves by itself?BUT at that price it's better than 8.1 and it is running seven..... Nuff sed Chris
  12. WATCH this space Chavender!! Or front of the Mail if you CAN believe it!!
  13. Yes tis' true I am BACK in the UK! Personal Reasons but happy to be herer though sad at having to waste the best part of 7 years of toil and MONEY. left a house I paid 55k for and now it is worh what someone is willing to pay?? Around 45k?? And after 7 years of mortgagage at 416 per month?? BUT had to do it as HM GOV. in the shape of the SPVA (I am a WAR Pensioner) owe me the thick end of 10k POUNDS! IN Expenses and benefits/compo! I now am unable to walk at all on a GOOD day and yet the MEDICAL expert who replied with a knock back to my so called PROBLEMS said unequivecally that my problems do NOT stem from my Knees which ARE part of my accepted claim but my back which is NOT accepted?? The expert who has NEVER met me at all? But since my last medical exam 18 years ago my accepted conditions have gotten NO worse?! Sorry but EVEN when the old back hurts I still need to get to a toilet etc! aND SO i DEDUCE SHE has lied to me by the manner of which she has replied and no help from them has forced me to come back to the UK and I am going to purchase in the slaes a Flask and a Put up Bed and a GOOD sleeping bag. then next you will see is me on the front of the Sun showing them off in the foyer of the SPVA's foyer. THEN lets see who gets anywahere?? Honestly I do feel like doing that. BUT whatever just GOOD to be back in the BOSOM of the people I mostly know and trust. Merry Christmas. Chris Goddard
  14. How does one REMOVE said pile and replace it (EVEN with Vista say!!) This is on a new ASAUS laptop with an UNHERAD of 750 gig drive 1 I CAN get it to boot from the cd drive BUT it get so far and refuses to upload) U{PDATE!! Wife has JUST been on the phone and the laptop charger is apperently discharging LARGE blue sparks forom the charger !! WONDER if this is MY chance to get shot of the ruddy thing under warranty?? But keep thinking anyway Peeps OR anyone want to swap a 3 month old ASAUS laptop cost $(( euros PLUS a 3 year warranty for something which works??? Chris '
  15. Andrew, I am as many would say (If they were not afraid of doing so??) I am in your DEBT Sir!!!!! BUT what I want to know is WHY has it done this in the first place when the ctrl button is not pressed?? AH well........... Chris
  16. Had a mini Tornado here t'other day I thankfully missed it. BUT notmy last lot of ruddy toms and my sapling fruit trees though
  17. Problem is? Using a laptop and on using a mouse SOMETIMES the page is shrunk to a level I am unable to read it as the blooming pictures words are simply too small. So say I am reading eBay (happens most times on this site)And if the font is say 12 it suddenly becomes like a size1.5!!!!!! But I noticed ths morning it sort of occurred with the useof the mouse which as a rule I do not use, but this is a new wireless HP and pretty good it is too. Problem is house is all packed up for a refurb and so I had to buy this laptop as all my stuff is packed away. But this is doing my actual head in!!!! SO MUCH SO I AM THINKING OF SELING THIS AT A HUGE LOSS (see what I mean and I did nothing except start to use one hand typing as back has gone again) I don't know cannot work cannot drive and most of the time unable to walk even!!!! but the War veterans agency reckon I am still as able as I was 18 years ago??? When I was earning around 3 grand a week doing a central heatng fit or 1.5k to do an MFI kitchen??? Sod that!!! Most days I cannot even get out of bed?? And have NOT been able to put on a pair of socks for 2 years and the fact my carer who also happens to be my wife is most times worse than me??......... But getting the page right is SO important?? Perhaps it is me?? Chris
  18. What NEWT says I have to say. I WAS going to update to the paid version as I use it so much!! BUT after Newts Wisdom yet again I think I'll simply make the guy a contribution as I like to reward the good ones! And I'm gonna try Andy's too. Something I was told by a certain SAGE upon these very pages, NEVER hurts to have TWO apps which not only work well but are also FREE? (Andy. please look for my PM mate??!!)
  19. I have very recently aquired what I HAD thought was several copies of "some" Fishing videos from a FRIEND (NOT much longer the GIT!!! LOL) Turns out it was 603 and NOT just " as I thought he said! Ans as he dropped the bloody things off when I was at the hospital!! Anyway good job I have a lot of space which is all he was after it appears? Wish he had simply asked??? Anyway he said he just wanted to sell them on SO?? Anyone want to make an offer?? I'll give you a clue shall I? I will cost MORE for shipping than the videos will cost as a job lot!! I reckon at say around 250 quid it would see them delivered to you in the UK?! OR for sale singly at a quid each plus postage. I will take pictures etc as soon as I am able to (Which means while NOT under the influence of mind altering drugs prescribed to me.......) Or get to me via private message. Chris
  20. OH AYE!! I always thought we got along?? Yet NOW you are going to "Sort me out"???? :-)
  21. Hi Nick!! Sorry but as much as I respect you and your feelings I cannot agree with them NOTHING false about the way that Squaddies head was removed!
  22. I watched the TV and heard the RANTINGS of the turd burglar waste of space BLACK MAN telling us WHAT we should be thinking and doing about what they had just done. He said that "As the women at home had to watch things like this happen then the british women should also be able to witness it as well" So ANYONE who agrees with THAT is just as sick as these worthless black men are!! Personally I am sick of things like this happening and the SEND them back!!! They BELONG here as they have been born here! Sorry is this COUNTRY NOT a Democratic one and follow the CHRISTIAN FAITH?? Well then that also means ANYONE WHO LIVES OUTSIDE OF THIS DOES NOT BELONG HERE! I could NOT give a tinkers cuss WHERE they originated from by means of birth. Either you act sensible or you are NOT here! Personally let me get so I am fit again and racist or otherwise I will be the first person in a LONG queue to hand out some of the same to anyone who was involved OR thinks this is a right and sensible way to act!! I am still shocked and so is my wife that this atrocity has taken place and has been given the credence it has!
  23. Anyone have real knowledge please about the type of MRI scanner we see in Europe (Well UK and France anyway!) where the table is fed through a tunnel and the scanner makes a loud noise and is pretty claustrophobic! Luckily I am not eh? Reason I ask is that my Consultant here in France is I fear taken to telling lies (And BIGGUNS too!) and I am trying to get a case built about him for this reason. Number one is he TOLD my GP who has NO IDEA what these machines do (He is NEARLY as Old as you I think Newt? Hope you are well Old Friend?) And this chap told my GP that I could as I had problems lying down (Herniated disc at L4/L5) that I could in fact lay either on one side OR on my stomach?? The actual LIE came about as this consultatnt sent me a letter to say he was very sorry as he had been trying for 3 months to get another appointment after failing the last one! truth is it appears that the receptionist at the MRI scanner unit who has worked there for the last six years since the scanner was opened had been at the desk apart from holidays. And she had NOT been on holiday or off sick since last year and when she is away the desk is always covered. Reason for such detail is to give as much info as possible to make up your mind, just the way I am??!! Anal? MAYBE BUT I AM NOT ABOUT TO ALTER WHILE MY ASS PONTS POINTS DOWN am I?! Anyway so my wife who has NO command of the French Language! Blimey she struggles with English sometimes??? :-) She spoke to the receptionist for ALL of 3 to 4 minutes and managed to get out of her chapter and verse about the Consultant! He was a (As we say a FUNNY BUGGER!) and had certainly NOT asked for any appointment for a M.Goddard since the last appointment, she also remembered I could not lie down as well! BUT did manage to get over that there was ALSO an Aneasthatist who was on call just for such an occasion. Not being able to lie and panicking about the size and noise. Something else Mr Consultant was UNABLE to sort out anasthesia for me?? Surely had he SPOKEN to the MRI department then he would have known this?? But anyway the lady on reception ,made me ANOTHER appointment for the following Friday. less than 5 days! (Rang Monday at 11AM.) So:- A. Do you know IF you can only lay down on your back for an MRI (Not like the stand up ones in the USA!) And :- B. Are you of the opinion that this pillock is really a Consultant? (seems to be having met him now!!) And do you think he is lying?? I need to get this over to his Boss who is a Proffessor!! And DOES seem to at least be honest. well this "CONSULTANT" said I could NOT have my operation at HIS hospital! Seems his proffessor sees things differently! I have made my mind up as has anyone who knows about this but just interested as usual if anyone has a DIFFERENT point of view? Thanks Chris PS Just emptied letter box and I DO have an appointment WITH the Professor! AND he apologised as he was so busy (And HE was apologising to ME?) And he was covering several Lectures all over the world! He did not name drop, but then he wouldn't would he??!! But he would be VERY pleased to see me the 24th of July and operate within the week! Seems the man HAS my ear!
  24. Yes just bought mysilf some 603 tapes all boxed and palletised (I HOPE! and ready to move!! Question now is HOW do I get the ruddy things to France?? anyone any ideas?? GOTTA be worth a couple of squid each?? Chris
  25. I was asessed myslef a while ago and I had thought despie all I may be "fit to work" I was however deeem unfit to work. So happy with that the pay is actually around £4 a week more too!! Howerver my Wife who is actually very similarly disbaled as I am but aslo has (The bone wasting disease??) She just fell and broke her ankle clean through break. And also hassomethng again which I forget the name of but places her in pain at ALL times?? Yuppy Flu?? I thnk it was called at first. AHS to use an invalid scooter to get around and is unabe to walk unaccompanied has been passed fit to work?? And has also been awaiting the doctors report for some 4 monthd despite being promised 4 times it will be sent within the week, Seem thatere ARE people who DO work and are CERTAINLY unfit to do so? ME?? Well I suppose I can sit or stand for 5 minutes all at one time and use a computer...........Go figure!! I have also been bed bound literallly for the last 15 Months on Morphine!? Then the lateset is a back op I need for a something disc (The same as when your gut pokes through the staomach wall?) But the Specialist Neuosurgeon will not operate because I am "Ignorant" and this si the same person who says he asked for and appointment and arranged an anethatesit for me. But then decided I didn't need one as I could not lie on my back for an MRI scan as I would be IOK lying on my side or Staomach for the scan??!! And HE is a specialist!! Better ignorant telling him he doesn't know his elbow from his ass as he doesn't know how to place a patient for an MRI??!! The Young lady on the recepcionists desks feelings (also mine!!) After realying this info to her. And he had NOT asked for an appointment at all nor nad anyone from his department! And ignored? Two faxes and a letter and numerous telephone calls from my own GP! Shame I don't actually know ANY nasty swear terms in French eh? Because I am pretty sure my doctor used some ;-) NOW thinking perhps we are at least better off in the UK as we WILL be able to understand when someone says F-OFF you english bastrad!!!
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