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Wychwood Mximiser/Extremis Complete Brolly System

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Hi i'm new here :huh: and I have tried a search but cannot find any info. Have also googled and found little info either.


Basically I am looking at brolly shelters, Iw as considering the Daiwa Mission overnighter, but have seen the Wychwood Maximiser Complete Brolly system for £89.99 and although costs a little more seems to offer more as has extra zip-in panels to turn it into a mini bivvy.


What I would like to know is has anyone got/used one of these or know anyone that has and can say if they are any good or not, good points and bad points.


Whilst googling I have also come across the Wychwood Extremis Complete Brolly System, which seems to be the same thing, but I am struggling to find any info for ither of these from people that have used it, only the blurb that is written on the sites that are selling them.


Any help would be appreciated


Thanks :D

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If anyone reading this topic knew anything (or had even heard anything) they would have posted it so I suspect it is not well known.


If you get one, please post back with your opinion.

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I am also considering a brolly type setup for 1 night sessions or those rainy windy days when big stillwaters fish their socks off. I like the wings on the side that give extra protection and the fact they don,t take up as much room on bank as a bivvy.


I looked at Daiwa mission recently and it looked very lightweight. It did not look as though it would stand up to a good blow.





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For that kind of cash, I'd go for the Argos brolly (15 quid), which is excellent. It has 5 tether points. One on top as usual and 4 loops equally spaced on the brolly stems. I had one which was great but I blew mine to bits trying to put it up in a hurricane, but that would have happened to any brolly. It was my stupidity that broke it.


Wit the remaining cash you have set aside, you could easily buy a decent bivvy. On nice days, you could just take the brolly. On horrible days, you could take both. Use the brolly for keeping your tackle underneath and dry and use the bivvy for sleeping in. that would give you more space in the bivvy for sleeping bags, camping stoves and whatever else you need for home comforts.


You might even come away with change.


A brolly system would limit you for space and comfort.





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Hi Bigruss

I too have been thinking of getting one of these but like you can't find any difference. I've emailed the company - no reply. I emailed their head of products direct - no reply!! :angry:


However, everyone I've talked to has recommended the Wychwood over any other make. I was considering the Tfgear power brolly or the TFGear all rounder. Still can't decide :crazy:

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