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Catching That First Carp

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To be honest the last few replys are bang on! u need to get use to match fishing!! but i know how u feel cos my lil brohter of 11 is in the same boat and i have tried to tell him to master float fishing before carping! there is so much more to fishing then just catching! as u get older u will understand!


but if u want to catch carp u need to go somehwere that they will teach u how to fish! give it time and u will et there! its not easy as every1 makes out! it have taken me 2 1/2 years to catch 1 fish from my local lakes but thats wat u gotta deail with!


not all the top fisher men/women catch straight away! u just gotta go with the flow!


u will learn as time goes on!

every good fisher men/women will tell ya u always learn new things all the time!!!


you just gotta stick with it!!


all the best.... wet lines


Martin x

To fish or not to fish? That is the question!!!


PB Commom 30lbs (UK)

PB Mirror 27lbs 4oz (UK)

PB Ghost Mirror 15lbs 6oz (UK)


PB Mirror 46lbs 6oz (FRENCH)

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I personally recomend you find the right set up and the right bait for you and your lake, take time trying do over night stays with your dad/mum/guardian or whome ever your alowed to go with, carp have more confidence as it becomes late in the day to early in the morning,

i also recomend you try to ue things nobody uses at your lake, i personally use home food now and have started to make my own food with bits and pieces i can buy at local supermarkets (can work out cheaper then boilies and popups) plus you can get the food your using in your ground bait/hemp mix.


I say get your self a coach, and give it another year and let us know what you get,

i saw a programe yesterday using raw potatoe he caught a lot of carp.... just a hint on supermarket foods.

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I've just started taking up fishing again at 21, hadn't been since i was about 11/12 with my uncle.


Got myself set up with a half decent pole for cheap which will do me for now.


I've fished the same pond a couple times bringing in some Bream, Skimmer, Roach, Perch, Gudgeon etc.


The first time i went it was just short of 20 degrees and the carp where all on top, most about 5/6lb. My mate just dangled the maggots on top of the water and ended pulling one in.


I moved around to the other side where a couple had also surface, i changed my bait and used a little cube of cat food, next thing i know i had a carp on!


Netted it and it was around 5lb, ever since I've been wanting to get another carp out!

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