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  1. i Agree Matt hayes is a humble fisherman, i been a fan of him since i was a child, i remember the good old shirts he used to wear hehe, mick brown is most likly my second too, but Danny fairbrass is too arrogant for my liking.
  2. i find it sad for anglers to see somthing like him sying yeah i got money i am going to buy a lake and make a tv show.. like O'Hara... why not make a show with anglers that have high experiance.. great watercraft knowledge... just me havin a grumble.. but it does **** me off. i don't watch robson green.... due to the fact hes an actor/singer and only got a fishing show due to money not skill... like the other two! i want to see skill and talent.. cheaky sod!!!!! i just seen what you put!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. i would love it if groundbait was that good for price here, 4 rods is easy, anythin more is a bit stupid, phone your rules are not that far off our rules in england, but we are still more stricked on fishing here. and will always be that way due to our country are relising how good fishing is getting and how well the "fish world reputation" is comming, from owning in ponds tanks lakes rivers etc etc edit* i just seen what you put, lol so this post just agrees with what you just said hehehe
  4. trust, this fat idiot will get what he is lookin for lol
  5. not gone for them yet dale, i'm gonna go for them the next time i go! was ment to be this weekned but my wifes iphone4 got stolen today so it looks like i wont be goin fishkin!
  6. i go to staffordmoor, beautifull cabins but very expensive, i'm glad i live near them lol, but it's in devon near a village called dolton here is the link: http://www.staffordmoor.co.uk/ or there is anglers paradice: http://www.anglers-paradise.co.uk/ both are next to each other too, so maybe devon? both places do great fishing for all kinds of fish from roach tench even golden tench. theres also golden orfe, and nice koi. check the links out and see what you like!
  7. as the title states... i gone boilie mad!!! i gotta buy them all, like a collection of cards.. i got nearly all dynamite baits and nash baits i love so i got a lot of them and now started on mainline frozen. in the last 4 weeks i have spent well over £250 on bait.... no joke and i'm planning on spend another £20 of monster crab boilie's big big bucket full of nash (one type i don't have) anyone else having problems on buying baits?... i hope it stops! otherwise the wife is going to kill me
  8. thats just it dales it would matter, these fish are like money bringers, think about this, why do we go to france to fish? to catch the biggest one? ofcourse he/she would be the bonus whilst catching high lb's of fish too, we bring money to france due to thier size of fish, so in return we should think of it as money to our country, not direct to us but nevertheless money from other countrys, so it's not just about us fishing for 10lb 20lb 30lb or higher, it's for other people comming to us too.
  9. i hate them they are the only creature that gives me the shivers, if that was me i would of dumped the car, not a chance would i go near it
  10. depends on the size of lake size of fish added, how much fish are in the lake in the first place how old the new fish are, and the old fish, then depends on the water quality too. i think theres a 1,000' more questions to your question to answer bud, but i don't know anywhere that would just stick 1,000 carp into a lake unless fry-smalls.
  11. i agree with den! also this post was about the heavist carp in england.. i'm not being funny but carp are bringing people into the sport... should we not brace this? but still in the last year we have lost big carp the top 4!! this is not good.. for any type of fishing.
  12. also i thought i would post i am doing the sun's free leauge, also i might go back to barclays again i did not do so good last year http://www.dreamteamfc.com/fantasyfootball...p1-dream%20team League PIN: 173035 League Password: foozball but on this one it's 50m not 100m hopfully i will see some of you on there, remember this one is free but you can pay to join the big leauges and get 6 teams! EDIT** also you don't get subs.. so points will be hard and you need to make sure your players are going to be playing!! EDIT X2*** can't join league!! (dales)
  13. well over the top imho. here are my fines from stupid things: speeding 97 on a 70 i got £110 fine. and 6 points. went to court. bald tire £60 and 3 points. no court then this year i lost my temper at a lorry driver almost killing me and the kids and the wife, got out the car on a red light and went nuts kicking/punch his door and denting it, the bloke locked his lorry when he saw me running at his door! i then went and spoke to an officer down the road and told him what happend, you know how much trouble i got... nothing... nothing for crimanal damges and act of violence. now back to t
  14. carp was an alien species over 500 years ago.. so worms is chattin sh*t, they had been brought to the uk as a food. and if i remember correctly they came from italy at first.
  15. dunno what you and Dales mean.. slave to fashion..
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