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My Christmas Rod

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The Epixors are not available over here as they are for American market. I can't say that they are the same as the Epix we get here as I have never seen one close up or used one. I have seen photo's of them and I must say they look very similar. I would be interested to know if thay are the same, but just branded with a different name.




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Seph - Here is an email from myself to Svendson Sports and the response regarding your question (march 02):


My email:

Hello – I was looking for a small, good quality “baitrunner” type reel and was recommended to take a look at the Okuma reels.


I searched for Okuma on the net and of course ended up at US sites, anyway I liked the look of the Epixor EB-30 baitfeeder reel.


I am wondering, after seeing your advert in IYCF, if the Epix EB-30 baitfeeder is in fact the same reel.


Please answer this for me and also tell me how much the Epix EB-30 costs from yourselves and how much delivery would be (I live in London).



Dear Colin,

Thanks for your interest in Okuma reels.

Yes you are right it is the same reel.

We are only wholesaler but you can buy it from Judds of Hillingdon in London or buy mailorder from West Midland Angling Centre Birmingham. Tel 0121-5263317. The reel will cost you £59,95 + carriage.


Best regards

Magnus Gunnarsson

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I was able to get it delivered to the firm within 3 days. They did not have them in stock and made a call to another firm for support. As I live in Germany, the name Epixor was new to me also. This firm is a member of a group that is here that have their own line of tackle called

"Dream Tackle". All stores sell the same merchandise for the same price, but other equipment as well. I will still reserve my comments until I am able to field test the reel myself. Thanks for the info colinR and it is good to know that the parts are interchangeable if ever needed.



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Now I know both are the same you will be begging for more. The Okuma's are at the minute the best value for quality and workmanship. Never mind your S*****O. Why pay in excess of £100 when you can get the same if not better for half that? I rest my case


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I was caressing my new Okuma Interceptor when Number one son was gazing on. I told him I bought it with the 30 quid I'd won on a knock up a few of us had had. I took out my Shimano GTM which I have been very happy with which cost 60 quid. I've got to say the Okuma looked the most expensive of the two.

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