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  1. Steve, The only response I can think of to your last post is...PLEASE put myself and Jo on your list for next years event, thanks.
  2. As others have already said, We love the place and hope we can be there again next year and maybe I'll catch something. Thank you very much Steve, Peggy and helpers. Heres a Panorama of the lake from our swim. Clicky Link Thingy
  3. Hi Steve, I've just put a new battery in my digital scales and they don't seem to be working Could you (or anyone) please lend me a set just in case please
  4. I use Hosting Unlimited for my personal website, £20 a year with good support and lots of included server-side scripts for photo galleries and such which are dead easy to install.
  5. Thank You DaveL for the help with getting all our gear to the lake and thanks to Steve for giving us a chance to fish such a lovely lake. Jo and I enjoyed our weekend "away from it all" and we are both looking forward to next years fish-in. Maybe next year I can catch a LIVE 14lb+ bream! Heres hoping. Great to meet a few of you. Tight Lines Colin
  6. Hi Nathan - Please clarify, you have bought a domain name BUT have you bought a HOSTING package? Registering a domain name does not automatically give you somewhere on the internet to upload a site to, this reguires a hosting package account with one of the many companies offerring this service ( my reccommendation: click here for great value hosting ) I am using this company for my own pesonal site. If you already understood all about domains, hosting and such then please forgive me and feel free to ignore this post ....but the link is still worth a look Tight Line
  7. Hi - If it is CAN recieve but CAN NOT Send then I might be of some assistance as I have seen this before with Outlook Express mail client. ONLY if it is this scenario then close Outlook Express, do a file search on the pc for outbox.dbx, rename it to something like outboxold.dbx and then open Outlook Express. This will produce a new outbox.dbx file. As someone has already hinted towards, Freeserve definately ties your account to the phone number you register with them when setting the account up, a call to customer services will sought this out (I've been there!). Hope this helps!
  8. Hi Elton - My other half talks to a relative in Boston, U.S on yahoo messenger just using a cheap mic stuck on the side of pc and using some fairly standard speakers and it works fairly well even on 56k at both ends.
  9. Hi all - I've just pushed us up from 19 to 20% and modelling down to 17% !! and I dont have sky etc. Keep voting!!
  10. Howard - search engines are great! Try putting - nero 5.0 serial numbers - into google and see plenty of links of use to you. Happy hunting
  11. Seph - Here is an email from myself to Svendson Sports and the response regarding your question (march 02): My email: Hello – I was looking for a small, good quality “baitrunner” type reel and was recommended to take a look at the Okuma reels. I searched for Okuma on the net and of course ended up at US sites, anyway I liked the look of the Epixor EB-30 baitfeeder reel. I am wondering, after seeing your advert in IYCF, if the Epix EB-30 baitfeeder is in fact the same reel. Please answer this for me and also tell me how much the Epix EB-30 costs from yourselves and how much d
  12. Hi tj2 - I've got the "ho..ho..****ing ho" one if you dont have it yet.
  13. And heres another! [/img]
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