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The big UK Rapala SuperShadRap lure Rip-off!

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They were £7.00 at Chatsworth, or free with a subscription to the Countryside Alliance and signed by no less than Charles Jardine himself! I paid the £7.00 instead!!


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Originally posted by jeepster:

hardly news is it, virtually anything you claim to mention is cheaper in america, even products made in the UK


Hi, Hillbilly here, been away for a while. Last week my wife and I went to visit my daughter and family in Michigan. I spotted a Bass Pro shop 5 miles from her house. Of course I had to go look see. My wife said not to buy anything as I have enough gear to start my own shop.


The place is an anglers heavan. It's geared for US style fishing (lures, short rods etc.). I couldn't resist a Mitchell 308X at $25. Also bought a pair of Polaroid sunglasses and 100 yds of 30lb Power-Pro. $50 total. My wife didn't mind and asked me to take her the next day after I told her they sold clothes. She spent more than I had the day before. All I bought was a lure box for $2.99 that was knocked down from $6.99.


Turned out a T shirt was too large so I took it back for an exchange. While doing this I saw that the lure boxes had been reduced to 99 cents. I asked if I could return my lure box and then buy another for 99 cents (I know, I'm tight). I was told that there was no need to bother, they would just give me a cash rebate. So I grabbed another lure box and still got more than $1 back cash. What a country!



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