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Sorry for bringing up an old topic. I'm reading Len Head's book 'Tench'. He mentions captures of hermaphrodite tench, I reckon this tench is one. Interestingly he mentions some can spawn e.g. The record male from Bures (not sure when) was caught and witnessed by several Tenchfishers members and pronounced male as it had all the accepted male features. Yet the next year the same fish was caught again but this time full of spawn!


Of course some species can actually change sex too so maybe that can happen in tench?





I think Wrass (I know there sea fish) are all females but change sex if the male in a group gets eaten/vanishes. It even happens with some mammals, I think Hyeenas are hermaphrodites.

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That's interesting, thanks Richard. It was a strange fish, I still can't decide whats sex it was, so that does make sense. Could I borrow that book after you please? It sounds good. I'm thinking a lot about tench at the moment!

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With the lack of the typical male "bits " to put it polite, i would say that this is female

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