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  1. Both Sharon Patterson, 49, and Lee Pollard, 47, were jailed over offences which related to three cases of alleged child sexual abuse between 2011 and 2014. Would not like to be these two in jail. Bet the cons will have a field day with them if they get their hands on them. Makes a change from MPs being sent to jail.
  2. Been a lot of software problems mate. Still going on. Elton is having a rough time trying to get it sorted.
  3. A former SNP MP has pled guilty to embezzling more than £25,600 from pro-independence organisations - including money intended for a foodbank. Greedy thieving bitch.
  4. Best Tench session i had was in Ireland, A secluded lough, terrible walk to it, easy going down, but a swine to get back. I had over a 100lbs, biggest about 8.5lbs. 10lbs main line on my shimano stradic with 5.4lbs Preston Reflo Power. Amazing session Another memorable day was at on a Lough near Belturbet
  5. More nice tench, Its a great species to target Tigger.
  6. No ther provider Elton ? My grand daughter moved into her new house and BT say it will be 6 months before they can get BB provided for her
  7. All right, but apart from the sanitation, the medicine, education, wine, public order, irrigation, roads, the fresh-water system, and public health, what have the Romans ever done for us? "Wait until Biggus Dickus hears of this!!!"
  8. And now Queen Elizabeth 2nd had invited him for a State visit. ( Not " fake " news ) Hahahaha stil in power and winding folk up big style
  9. The ­Chateau de Guedelon Im sure that it was screened on the History Channel ?
  10. I can do the leadwork for them, 1.500euro a day plus board and lodgings and transport,
  11. We were there a few days before the fire visiting my parents who lived nearby.
  12. I would imagine Huge,s remark was a tongue in cheek quip.
  13. Is there such a person/entity/thing ?
  14. That " individual " is a total knob, I hope he never gets into power, we will be invaded by thousands of Jihadi brides and fighters.
  15. A fire has broken out at the famous Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris and has spread rapidly across the building.
  16. And now the filthy piece of scum has been granted legal aid to fight her case
  17. Got to agree with you on this Martin. Sick to death of the same rubbish. Oh and the " occasional " childish petty name calling, and pure bile posted.
  18. Here,s a couple Toots Symarip Skinhead
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