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Sonik SK8 9ft 8wt for pike fly fishing?

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has anyone tried the Sonik SK8 8wt fly rod? Is it a good choice for pike fly fishing?


I was thinking of getting one, or my other choice is the Airflo Bluetooth Nano 9ft 8wt.


Any views would be much appreciated.

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I've now got three SK4XTs and an SK3 which I use for trout fishing.


I'm really happy with all rods.


(I recently broke the tip of one and Sonik were able to immediately put a replacement in the post which arrived next day).


I've not yet cast any flies for pike, but as I say (IME) Sonik rods do deliver well for their price and better than many rods at much higher prices.

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I forgot to mention that I would also use it for saltwater and in the UK an 8wt is considered the best weight.


I contacted Sonik yesterday and they've just emailed back to say it will handle a 9weight line

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