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Hello to all you fellow fishermen, From here in Yorkshire

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Hi everyone,


I'm an ocasional trout fisherman up here in West Yorkshire. More to the point however, I am also a 60 year old chap who retired early last December after 40 years of being a professional Taxidermist. This past ten months have driven me stirr crazy. So much so that I have decided to only semi retire, and only mount fish. Fish were a speciality for me, despite me doing hundreds over the years, compared to birds and mamals I didn't mount anywhere near as many. I have worked on most animals large, and small from Pygmy shrews to Shire horses. I am definitely past the labour intensive job that doing full red reed mounts entails, as do full fox as another example. But I am quite capable of handling any fish should anyone land a specimen they would like preserving.


Please forgive me if this post is unacceptable here. I am not intending on spamming for business. I am intending on trying to let the correct community for fish taxidermy know of my whereabouts.

If the admin do find this post unacceptable, please delete it. If you think I could be of use to the other members here, then maybe you could suggest how to make my wherabouts avaiable within these boards.


Kind regards all,



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Hi Robin and welcome to Anglers' Net.


There isn't a perfect place on the forum but I'm moving it to the one that is probably the closest fit.

" My choices in life were either to be a piano player in a whore house or a politician. And to tell the truth, there's hardly any difference!" - Harry Truman, 33rd US President

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Thank you very much Mr Administrator, I appreciate your help. I don't see anything relating to services for anglers here other than the various places like Ebay as used for buying tackle. There certainly aren't many professional Taxidermists available here in the UK nowadays. A dying trade you might say. :yahoo: Pardon the pun.

Should anyone ever require a trophy mount they only need P.M. me and I'll be happy to undertake anything.

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There really aren't any purpose-made sections of the forum for that. These are sort of a catch-all but your posts will be seen.


If you have a web site you are more than welcome to post it here and you can also add it to your signature line if you plan to participate in the general angling topics.


Taxidermy is alive and well on this side of the pond but not so much on yours. Different cultural views these days I suppose.

" My choices in life were either to be a piano player in a whore house or a politician. And to tell the truth, there's hardly any difference!" - Harry Truman, 33rd US President

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never give it a thought to have a fish stuffed, how interesting, now I need to think about what species and how big, would you consider a conger eel. :D

Edited by barry luxton

Free to choose apart from the ones where the trust poked their nose in. Common eel. tope. Bass and sea bream. All restricted.

New for 2016 TAT are the main instigators for the demise of the u k bass charter boat industry, where they went screaming off to parliament and for the first time assisting so called angling gurus set up bass take bans with the e u using rubbish exaggerated info collected by ices from anglers, they must be very proud.

Upgrade, the door has been closed with regards to anglers being linked to the e u superstate and the failed c f p. So TAT will no longer need to pay monies to the EAA anymore as that org is no longer relevant to the u k . Goodbye to the europeon anglers alliance and pathetic restrictions from the e u.

Angling is better than politics, ban politics from angling.

Consumer of bass. where is the evidence that the u k bass stock need angling trust protection. Why won't you work with your peers instead of castigating them. They have the answer.

Recipie's for mullet stew more than welcomed.

Angling sanitation trust and kent and sussex sea anglers org delete's and blocks rsa's alternative opinion on their face book site. Although they claim to rep all.

new for 2014. where is the evidence that the south coast bream stock need the angling trust? Your campaign has no evidence. Why won't you work with your peers, the inshore under tens? As opposed to alienating them? Angling trust failed big time re bait digging, even fish legal attempted to intervene and failed, all for what, nothing.

Looks like the sea angling reps have been coerced by the ifca's to compose sea angling strategy's that the ifca's at some stage will look at drafting into legislation to manage the rsa, because they like wasting tax payers money. That's without asking the rsa btw. You know who you are..

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