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Simple ledger rigs

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i take it all the fish have sank then (theyre not feeding on or near the surface).


ive been using some fishmeal flavours just recently with mixed results, i was wondering if youve tried sweet flavours (such as scopex/strawberry etc) on the carp in there?

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The problem is that those chub have seen it all. In the 3 years I've fished Mill Farm I've had so few chub that I can remember them all, 1 on floating crust, 2 on luncheonmeat on the drop and 3 on luncheonmeat on the bottom. Chris/Sheepy, you don't fancy trying the two person beachcaster method www.anglersnet.co.uk/cgi-bin/ubb/ul...=1;t=013316;p=1 in the enclosed bay do you, I'm sure they haven't seen anything that daft.


I'm only a low-tech pleasure angler, so I've not gone down the flavours route yet.

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An old but popular thread - I think it could do with some updating. Over to you, chaps and chapesseseseseses.

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